Justice for Dozens of Allegedly Mistreated Dogs in Rescue Scam

Target: Kris Mayes, Arizona State Attorney General

Goal: Ensure severe legal consequences for those responsible for the alleged mistreatment and neglect of 55 dogs in a fraudulent rescue.

Horrific details have emerged from an Arizona residence, casting a shadow over the state. Dozens of special needs dogs, confined in squalid conditions, were reportedly found. This abhorrent situation allegedly involved April McLaughlin, who operated a rescue for special needs dogs. She faces numerous charges, including 55 counts each of animal abuse and cruelty, alongside a charge of vulnerable adult abuse. Her apparent actions have shocked and dismayed animal lovers nationwide.

McLaughlin’s residence, upon police intervention, revealed deeply disturbing scenes. Officers allegedly discovered dogs in their own waste, some in stacked crates, others struggling to vocalize. Tragically, five deceased puppies were also reportedly found in a freezer. These harrowing details suggest a grave betrayal of trust and care owed to these animals. The extent of this neglect underlines the urgent need for justice.

The Chandler Police Department reports McLaughlin now faces 77 misdemeanor charges related to animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Additionally, she might confront nine felony charges of cruelty to animals. This situation underscores a dire need for accountability. We demand immediate and stringent legal action against those allegedly responsible, ensuring such atrocities are never repeated.


Dear Kris Mayes,

I am writing to you, deeply concerned about the disturbing case of alleged animal mistreatment in Arizona. April McLaughlin’s alleged actions have horrified our community. The revelation of 55 dogs, reportedly abused and neglected, demands your immediate attention. These animals, reliant on human care and compassion, were allegedly found in deplorable conditions, with some tragically already deceased.

This case is not just about animal welfare; it involves moral and legal responsibility. McLaughlin faces 77 misdemeanor charges and potentially nine felony charges. Yet, this is more than numbers. Each charge represents a living being who reportedly suffered needlessly. This egregious situation seemingly highlights a failure of humanity towards creatures that cannot speak for themselves.

I urge you, as the State Attorney General, to take robust action. Please ensure that those allegedly responsible for this heinous act face the fullest extent of legal repercussions. Our society must send a clear message: animal abuse and neglect are unacceptable and will be met with severe consequences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nancy Guth

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  1. This is quite a list of charges. Since so many tortured animals are listed in the charges I hope the law of Arizona will speak for these animals exposed and killed by such vile intent. Isn’t a scam a violation? Doesn’t a scam get charged in a court of law? This type of greed involves harm and death to many but doesn’t get charged and prosecuted. Why? States don’t usually have the money or use some other lame excuse which is why this continues to be a problem. This is a thorn in your inability to handout severe consequences. This case is deserving of the most severe legal repercussions. Demonstrate life is precious no matter the species!

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