Justice for Dog Allegedly Starved to Death by Owner

Target: District Attorney Anne Donnelly

Goal: Enforce stringent legal action against the alleged severe neglect resulting in a dog’s starvation.

In West Hempstead, a harrowing incident surfaced involving a dog named Jessica. Distressingly thin, Jessica’s condition, as described by District Attorney Anne Donnelly, raises alarming questions about her care. Allegations suggest Jessica’s owner, Kevin Barnett, neglected her to the point of starvation. This petition seeks justice for Jessica, demanding legal action against her alleged neglect.

Jessica, found encased in a filthy blanket, reportedly displayed severe signs of malnutrition. The necropsy revealed a disturbing scenario: ingestion of non-food items, overgrown nails, and a body condition scoring a mere 1 out of 9 on the Purina scale. These details paint a bleak picture of Jessica’s final days, indicating she desperately sought nourishment. Yet, despite these findings, Barnett attempted to adopt another dog, further exacerbating concerns about his suitability as a pet owner.

The community’s outrage over this case is palpable. Animal cruelty, especially at this alleged level, cannot go unaddressed. Ensuring accountability in cases like Jessica’s not only serves justice but also safeguards other animals from potential harm. We demand stringent legal action against Barnett to prevent further animal suffering and to uphold community standards of care and compassion.


Dear District Attorney Anne Donnelly,

The community remains shocked and saddened by the tragic case of Jessica, a dog allegedly starved to the point of death under the care of Kevin Barnett. We urge you to consider the severity of this situation and the emotional impact it has had on the community. Jessica’s case is not just about one dog; it’s a testament to our society’s stance on animal welfare and cruelty.

The details of Jessica’s state, as revealed in the necropsy, are deeply disturbing. Her extreme malnutrition, indicated by the lowest possible score on the Purina Body Condition scale, and the ingestion of non-food items speak volumes about her suffering. Such alleged neglect must be met with appropriate legal consequences to serve as a deterrent for future potential animal cruelty cases.

Therefore, we implore you to take decisive action in this case. Jessica’s story deserves justice, and the community expects a firm response to such alleged acts of cruelty. By ensuring legal accountability, we send a clear message about the value of animal life and the consequences of neglect. We seek assurance that cases like Jessica’s are taken seriously and that justice is served.


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  1. Another dog dies at the hands of their owner. Starvation is painful. From the description of her body she was not cared for at all. This is beyond evil. And then this murderer goes and adopts another dog? He’s insane. He is a threat to society. He is not mentally well enough to be in society. This is a no brainer as this man should never have another animal in his care, never! He has no remorse, has not love in his heart and only thinks of what he wants in every moment. Do not allow this poor excuse of a man have another animal as he is not even human much less humane. This is a serious case and needs to be in a court if law, not the good ol’boys club.

  2. Just starve Kevin Barnett to death and have done with. ALL animal abusers should suffer the same fate as their victims, preferably ending in a lingering death so we can be rid of them. Job done.

  3. own another dog? they should hang this piece of shit. i pray they stop him from ever owning another animal or it will happen again.

  4. No more animals for this scumbag please! Max penalty for intentional neglect and cruelty! This jerk is soullness, heartless and evil!

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