Justice for Military Dogs Reportedly Suffering from Combat-Induced Trauma

Target: Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense

Goal: Implement comprehensive rehabilitation programs for military dogs with PTSD.

Military dogs, loyal and fearless, face grave dangers in combat zones. Reports indicate that over 600 canines, trained in bomb detection and patrol, actively serve in high-risk areas. Their exposure to extreme conditions leads to profound psychological impacts, with about 10% developing canine PTSD. These figures, though alarming, likely understate the true extent of trauma these animals endure.

Details of their suffering are distressing. Many exhibit severe anxiety, behavioral changes, and inability to perform duties post-deployment. Although some receive retraining for other services, others are retired, and their future is uncertain. This situation raises ethical concerns about the use of animals in warfare, especially given their lack of choice in these perilous roles.

Prompt and effective action is vital. These canine heroes deserve comprehensive rehabilitation programs to address their PTSD. This petition demands the immediate establishment of such programs, ensuring these valiant animals receive the care and respect they merit for their service.


Dear Lloyd Austin,

This letter brings to your attention the pressing issue of combat-induced PTSD in military dogs. Their invaluable contributions in war zones, often at great personal risk, are undeniable. However, the mental health repercussions they suffer post-deployment are deeply concerning. Approximately 10% of these courageous canines develop PTSD, a condition that profoundly affects their quality of life.

These dogs’ experiences in combat zones, including exposure to explosives and life-threatening situations, leave lasting psychological scars. Many display signs of severe trauma, including heightened anxiety and behavioral changes, rendering them unfit for continued service. While some manage to adapt to new roles in police or border patrol services, others face retirement with an uncertain future.

It is our moral obligation to provide comprehensive care for these animals who have served so selflessly. We urge you to implement robust rehabilitation programs specifically designed for military dogs suffering from PTSD. These programs should provide them with the necessary support and treatment to recover from their trauma and lead fulfilling lives post-service.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Arctic Warrior


  1. These wonderful animal combatants should be treated with as much if not more respect than the humans who put them in a position to die or be maimed. They are trained to protect us, give them full respect and the care they derive. They did not enlist.

  2. These are soldiers of the Armed Forces, Police, and other organizations. These dogs are trained and follow instructions. They save lives. Yet their lives are important too. We can never forget that aspect of training a solider, two legged or four legged. Bravery isn’t a species or a gender, it’s a heart and soul caring for the command they have been given and those going forward with them. They are a critical part of a unit. Nothing is too much for these service dogs. Nothing! They ask little to nothing of us but give their lives for us. Remember that in finding treatment for those harmed in the process of service. They deserve our respect , devotion, and love!

    • absolutely spot on. they don’t know they are in danger but they are fiercely loyal. more loyal than any human can ever be!

  3. These miracle dogs must receive the same ethical and humane treatment as other human military personnel and deserve the utmost care and access to all canine programs for assistance post-deployment.

  4. Why are dogs used in wars started by the human race in the first place?? Animals don’t start wars and yet they are expected to be involved in them…..typical of the bloody arrogant and greedy human race.

  5. Typically usa !!! Use and dump …. Soldiers and dogs alike !!!

  6. Typical of USA …. Use and dump….soldiers and dogs alike !!!

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