Justice for Steer Allegedly Slaughtered and Hoisted Into the Air While Still Alive

Target: Matt Weintraub, District Attorney of Buck’s County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Ensure prosecution of individuals responsible for the alleged animal cruelty.

In Bucks County, an appalling incident at Kingdom Provisions LLC has ignited public outcry. Allegations describe a steer subjected to horrific treatment, casting a dark shadow on the slaughterhouse’s practices. The animal, reportedly in agony, endured multiple gunshots and was hoisted while still conscious, a blatant disregard for its welfare. These allegations, if true, exemplify a gross violation of animal rights and legal standards.

Further details intensify the disturbing nature of this incident. The steer, while being processed, allegedly remained vocal and active, indicating awareness and pain. This method of slaughtering, as described, strays far from humane practices. The federal inspector’s report, highlighting these moments, calls into question the ethics and legality of the operations at Kingdom Provisions. Such alleged acts not only breach animal welfare standards but also undermine public trust in the meat processing industry.

This petition demands immediate legal action. The individuals allegedly responsible must face consequences for their actions. We must uphold the sanctity of life and ensure such inhumane treatment never recurs. Thus, we call upon District Attorney Matt Weintraub to take decisive action, reflecting our collective stance against animal cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Weintraub,

We are deeply troubled by the reports from Kingdom Provisions LLC, where a steer reportedly suffered immensely during slaughter. This alleged incident, involving multiple gunshots and the animal being hoisted while conscious, is not only shocking but potentially criminal. It reflects a disturbing disregard for animal welfare and humane slaughter practices.

The detailed account from the federal inspector paints a grim picture. The steer, allegedly vocalizing and struggling, signifies a level of awareness and pain that is unacceptable. Such practices, if proven true, contravene the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act and erode public confidence in meat processing standards. It is imperative that these allegations are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate legal actions are taken against those responsible.

We urge you, as the District Attorney, to prosecute the individuals allegedly involved in this case. This action will serve as a stern reminder of our societal commitment to animal welfare and the rule of law. It is crucial that we take a stand against such alleged cruelty and ensure that justice is served.


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  1. Appalling and revolting to the extreme. Please conduct a full investigation and prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous crime!

  2. Ruth Hanrahan says:

    I’m so tired of the horrific abuse that animals in slaughter houses go through. No ones cares about it that’s why this abuse continues. Go vegan and stop paying for this abuse to happen.

  3. If everyone stopped eating meat there would be no slaughterhouses for this to happen in.Go Vegan for the sake of animals, the planet and your health….simple.

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