Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Tortured to Death by Owner

Target: Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota

Goal: Secure justice for Lovebug by ensuring appropriate legal consequences for her alleged neglect and torture of an innocent animal.

A heart-wrenching case has emerged from Duluth, Minnesota, where Rainna Ann Korby, aged 23, allegedly committed acts of severe neglect and torture towards a dog named Lovebug. On November 11, a DoorDash driver discovered Lovebug in a ditch, reportedly severely malnourished and in a dire state. Despite the heroic efforts of Animal Allies in Duluth, Lovebug tragically succumbed to the alleged neglect. The details of this case, as reported, are not only disturbing but also call for immediate and stringent legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Korby reportedly entrusted Lovebug’s care to a temporary resident of her apartment without ensuring his wellbeing. Disturbingly, text conversations revealed Korby’s apparent awareness of Lovebug’s deteriorating condition, yet she seemingly failed to provide the necessary care. The dog was allegedly confined in a small metal kennel, unable to extend his limbs, surrounded by his own waste. These allegations, if true, paint a picture of appalling cruelty and a blatant disregard for life. The community of Duluth, and indeed all who hear of this case, are shaken and demand justice.

In light of these allegations, we implore the District Attorney of Duluth to take swift and decisive action. Rainna Ann Korby must face the full extent of legal consequences for her alleged actions. This case is not merely about one animal; it symbolizes our society’s stance against cruelty and neglect. We demand justice for Lovebug, ensuring that such alleged atrocities are not overlooked and that those responsible are held accountable.


Dear Governor Tim Walz,

The case of Lovebug, a dog who suffered and died allegedly due to the neglect and torture by Rainna Ann Korby, has deeply affected our community and all who have learned of this tragedy. We urge you to consider the gravity of these allegations and ensure that justice is served. This case represents more than an isolated incident; it is a test of our legal system’s ability to protect the most vulnerable and punish those who do them harm.

Allegations suggest Korby was fully aware of the dog’s suffering, yet chose to ignore his needs, leading to a heartbreaking demise. Lovebug’s story has resonated with thousands, sparking outrage and a demand for justice. The details are not just disturbing but also indicative of a deeper disregard for life and well-being. The manner in which Lovebug was reportedly treated – confined, neglected, and left in deplorable conditions – demands a strong legal response.

Thus, we implore you to ensure that Rainna Ann Korby faces appropriate legal action for her alleged actions. It is imperative that our legal system responds robustly to such cases, reinforcing the message that cruelty and neglect are unacceptable. Lovebug’s story, though tragic, can be a catalyst for change and a reminder of the importance of justice and compassion in our society.


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Photo credit: World’s Direction


  1. I am a animal lover this act of cruelty to love us is heartbreaking please find justice for love ug and any other animal mistreated and neglected especially people who torture any animal is a sign these people are evil

  2. The person that neglected this innocent dog and the owner that left Lovebug in the “care” of this monster both deserve to be jailed and starved to death….justice.

  3. Put the owner to death he killed a dog he didn’t go hunting for food that is considered murder in God’s eyes all His creations are important to Him maybe not to other people.

    The owner is a rotten SOB who has no regard for life. Next thing you know he’ll move on to people this is why when people torture or murder animals you need to nip it in the bud before it looks like it does now in our country which is going down in death and destruction like the fall of Rome!!!

    You think it’s bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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