Applaud Rescue of World’s Loneliest Sheep

Target: Ben Best, Head Animal Keeper at Dalscone Farm

Goal: Support relocation of stranded sheep from cliffside to farm.

When a kayaker took notice of a lone sheep grazing at the bottom of a Scottish cliff, no one could have imagined the recognition this animal—now named Fiona—would gain as the world’s loneliest sheep. For two years, stories emerged and debate took place about what would become of the stranded animal. Theories had developed that Fiona was likely separated from her family at a young age and slid down the cliff embankment, which she had been unable to traverse again. As a result, she had lived alone, with no contact with other sheep or humans. She made the small enclave a home and took shelter in a cave.

Now Fiona is alone no more. A group of farmers rescued Fiona by hoisting her up the cliff. They relocated her to Dalscone Farm. Responding to concerns she would be exploited, the farm’s owners (who helped in the rescue) assured that she would not be made into a spectacle. Instead, she will live out the rest of her life in a pasture with sheep of similar temperaments. And she will receive the highest level of care.

Sign the petition below to thank the individuals who helped provide Fiona with new friends and with a new lease on life.


Dear Mr. Best,

Thank you for taking the initiative to aid in rescuing an animal that has spent the majority of her life isolated and abandoned. Your contributions and shelter will help ensure Fiona the sheep finally knows the full life of her highly social species. Moreover, thank you for reassuring worried advocates of your intentions to treat her respectfully.

May Dalscone Farm become the haven and refuge this once-lonely animal deserves.


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Photo Credit: Dalscone Farm

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