Domestic Animals Reportedly Killed Under Mysterious Circumstances Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala, India

Goal: Ensure prompt and thorough investigation into the alleged brutal animal cruelty incidents.

In Kallambalam, Kerala, a series of apparent animal cruelty incidents have emerged, causing deep concern among citizens and animal rights groups. Reportedly, these acts involved brutal harm to domestic animals, with several found in distressing conditions. The primary suspect in this string of atrocities is a local resident, known as Ajith, also referred to as Shankaran from Kovoor Chettakavu Puthenveetil. The alarming situation unfolded following a complaint by Abdul Kareem of Pulloormukku Muneer Manzil, leading to Ajith’s arrest. Initial suspicions pointed towards attacks by stray dogs, but further investigations, including CCTV footage, reportedly unveiled a more sinister reality. Disturbingly, a person was observed entering the area, leading to the unfortunate discovery of the animals in a mutilated state.

The crisis escalated with the disappearance of a four-month-old goat, only to be found dead days later, hinting at a pattern of targeted animal abuse. The local dairy farmers, distressed by these events, reported the matter to the Kallambalam police. Despite challenges in gathering evidence, the installation of additional cameras yielded more footage, crucial for the investigation. The postmortem of the young goat confirmed foul play, revealing that the animals seemingly had been subjected to extreme violence, including dismemberment. The Kallambalam police, through their inquiry, identified Ajith as the alleged culprit behind these abhorrent acts.


Dear Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan,

We, the undersigned, urgently call upon your attention to the disturbing events of animal cruelty in Kallambalam, Kerala. The alleged actions of the accused, involving the deliberate harming and killing of domestic animals, have shocked and distressed the community. These acts not only represent a serious violation of animal rights, but also raise grave concerns about societal safety and morality.

We implore you to ensure that the Kallambalam police receive all necessary support and resources for a comprehensive investigation. It is crucial that the case is pursued with diligence and urgency to establish the truth and bring the perpetrator to justice. We also urge you to consider this case as a wake-up call for stronger animal protection laws and enforcement mechanisms in Kerala.

The citizens of Kerala seek reassurance that such acts of cruelty will face stern legal consequences. By taking decisive action, you will send a clear message that Kerala does not condone violence against animals and is committed to upholding the values of compassion and justice.


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Photo credit: ILRI

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