Justice for Animals Allegedly Abused With Electric Cattle Prod at Rodeo

Target: Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York

Goal: Ensure just consequences for alleged animal abuse at the rodeo.

In an alarming incident at a Lockport rodeo, Ezequiel Herrera, 26, and Christofer Dorado face allegations of animal cruelty. Drone footage captured by activist Steve Hindi, from the group SHARK, shockingly appears to show Herrera using an electric cattle prod on steers’ faces and heads. These disturbing actions, if proven, blatantly disregard the welfare of these animals and demand legal action.

The video from the 400 block of Oak Avenue in Lockport seems to exhibit Herrera’s use of the cattle prod, a tool meant for herding but not for inflicting pain on sensitive areas like the face and head. Dorado, also implicated in this cruelty, faces similar charges. This footage, a vital piece of evidence, highlights the importance of vigilance against such alleged abuses in settings often hidden from public scrutiny.

This appalling situation calls for stern legal measures. To dissuade others from similar acts, we demand robust legal action against these alleged acts of animal cruelty. Such behavior, if true, should not go unpunished. Urge the Will County State’s Attorney to take firm action, ensuring justice for the animals subjected to this alleged abuse and sending a clear message against such conduct.


Dear Governor Kathy Hochul,

The recent incident at a Lockport rodeo, where Ezequiel Herrera and Christofer Dorado are accused of animal cruelty, requires your immediate attention. The drone footage captured by Steve Hindi and SHARK vividly displays the alleged abuse. This footage purportedly shows Herrera using an electric cattle prod on steers’ faces and heads – an act of cruelty that demands your intervention.

In this distressing situation, the animals’ welfare appears to have been severely compromised. The use of a cattle prod in such a manner, if true, is not only inhumane but also a violation of the ethical treatment animals deserve. Dorado, also charged, reportedly participated in this wrongdoing. These allegations, if confirmed, represent a blatant disregard for animal welfare and a breach of trust with the public.

Therefore, we urge you to take decisive legal action against Herrera and Dorado for their alleged involvement in this cruelty. This case is not just about punishing wrongdoing; it’s about upholding values of compassion and responsibility towards animals. Your response to this situation will set a precedent and hopefully deter future acts of animal abuse. We count on your commitment to justice and animal welfare.


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Photo credit: Glenn Stampalia

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