Justice for Police Dog Allegedly Punched by Handler

Target: Spencer Cox, Governor of Utah

Goal: Ensure justice for Rolf, the police K-9, for alleged brutal treatment.

Corporal Timothy Robinson of Davis County Sheriff’s Office reportedly engaged in a reprehensible act. Allegations claim he punched Rolf, his police dog, multiple times. This shocking incident, reportedly witnessed by two fellow K-9 handlers, demands urgent legal action.

One handler described witnessing “5-10 strikes,” while the other apparently observed Rolf cowering instead of retaliating. Such detailed accounts of the incident paint a disturbing picture. The alleged onslaught commenced when Robinson noticed Rolf peeing on the floor. Professional trainers like Gregg Tawney and Robert Barlow, with decades of experience, unequivocally condemn such behavior, stressing that this is not a standard training protocol. Their input casts a shadow on Robinson’s alleged actions, marking them as unacceptable and potentially criminal.

The necessity of this petition stems from a broader context of occasional animal cruelty within police departments. Instances like Russell B. Whittle’s and Jason Whittier’s cases in Utah highlight the need for stringent oversight and accountability. Demand decisive legal action against Corporal Timothy Robinson for his alleged misconduct.


Dear Governor Spencer Cox,

The actions of Corporal Timothy Robinson, involving the allegedly brutal treatment of his police K-9, Rolf, have stirred public outrage and demand your immediate attention. Detailed accounts from fellow K-9 handlers describe Robinson allegedly punching Rolf multiple times, with Rolf responding not with aggression but cowering. This behavior, if proven true, not only betrays a trust inherent in the handler-K-9 bond but also flouts the ethical standards expected in law enforcement.

Expert opinions from seasoned K-9 trainers emphasize that such conduct is neither a norm nor an acceptable form of correction in police dog training. The alleged incident, therefore, raises severe questions about Corporal Robinson’s adherence to standard practices and his moral judgment. Furthermore, the contextual history of animal cruelty cases within Utah’s law enforcement underscores the urgency for strict action in such matters. It is imperative that this case not be dismissed as an isolated or minor incident but seen as part of a significant concern that needs addressing at the systemic level.

Given these considerations, we urge you to pursue the highest possible charges against Corporal Timothy Robinson. The charge of “interfering with a police service animal or handler,” while the most severe available, seems insufficient in capturing the gravity of the alleged actions. This prosecution is not just about one individual or one dog; it’s a stand for justice, ethical conduct, and the welfare of animals serving in law enforcement. We trust in your commitment to justice and await your decisive action in this matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tim Felce


  1. What a dick! It’s not enough these wonderful dogs sacrifice their lives for these men but then get abused on top of it. Special place in hell for this asshole!

  2. This officer should be fired and never be allowed to be around animals again. What kind of person thinks this is proper handling of any animal? I previously trained with a professional police officer trainer and this total abuse and will likely cause the K-9 officer to be affected negatively and unable to do his work properly. DIGUSTING!!!

  3. Candice Enriquez says:

    I totally agree! This person…he’s not a good representative of the officer title…should be fired, jailed, and fined. And he should not be allowed to own any pets for the rest of his life. This k-9officer will have to relearn to trust. So sad for the dog

  4. This jerk Timothy Robinson obviously has rage issues . Do not give him the opportunity to continue to abuse more innocent and respectable dogs! Also, he brings shame to the law enforcement with such violent brutality! Protect the dogs and remove him from his post pimmediately please!

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