Justice for Roosters Reportedly Victimized in Illegal Cockfighting Ring

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: End cockfighting and animal cruelty in San Jacinto County by prosecuting those involved in the recent illegal cockfighting ring.

A grotesque scene of animal cruelty and illegal gambling was allegedly uncovered in Cleveland, Texas. Reportedly, the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, responding to a call, discovered a large-scale cockfighting operation. A shocking number of nearly 100 roosters were rescued from this horrifying scenario, illustrating a seemingly blatant disregard for animal welfare.

The scene described by authorities seemingly paints a grim picture of cruelty. Allegedly, a covered structure housed a wooden cockfighting arena, bleachers, and even a concession stand. Evidently, these facilities supported a significant gambling operation, as indicated by paraphernalia found on-site. Most disturbing were the reported 96 live and several deceased roosters, some still attached to razor-sharp “gaffs,” which are cruelly affixed to the birds during fights. This appalling discovery necessitates urgent action.

The fact that 19 individuals were arrested at the scene underscores the scale of this operation. However, the focus must remain on the reported heinous acts of animal cruelty and illegal gambling. Demand swift legal action against those allegedly involved, ensuring such abhorrent activities cease in San Jacinto County.


Dear Governor Greg Abbott,

We write to you today deeply troubled by the alleged discovery of a large-scale cockfighting ring in your jurisdiction. This operation, reportedly involving gambling, extreme animal cruelty, and numerous individuals, reflects a grave concern for both public safety and animal welfare in San Jacinto County.

The details emerging from the October 15 incident are harrowing. Allegedly, 96 living roosters, subjected to cruel treatment, were seized from a well-organized operation. This reportedly included a permanent structure replete with an arena, betting paraphernalia, and even a working kitchen. The reported presence of deceased birds, some still bearing combat implements, is a stark reminder of the brutality inherent in such activities. These allegations, if true, depict not only illegal gambling but also grievous animal cruelty.

In light of these allegations, we urge you to take decisive legal action. Those allegedly involved must face the consequences of their actions, and a strong message needs to be sent: such cruelty and illegal activities will not be tolerated in San Jacinto County. It is not only a matter of enforcing the law but also of upholding moral and ethical standards in our community.


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Photo credit: Vengolis

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