Justice for Animals Who Allegedly Suffered Terrible Neglect by Owner

Target: William Gladson, Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney for Florida

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution and maximum legal penalty for Terrence Andre Crowder’s egregious animal cruelty case.

In Ocala, Florida, a heinous case of animal cruelty has surfaced, involving 61-year-old Terrence Andre Crowder. Crowder has been found guilty of one felony and two misdemeanors related to animal cruelty, following a detailed investigation and trial. This case has shocked the community, revealing distressing neglect and abuse of vulnerable animals.

Investigators discovered three animals in deplorable conditions on Crowder’s property. A miniature pony named Shakira suffered from ‘elf shoe’ hooves, indicating severe neglect, and causing immense pain. Additionally, Haling’s Darling, a horse, was found in an extremely emaciated state, with ribs prominently visible. A goat on the property also displayed a chronic, untreated wound, indicative of prolonged suffering. These conditions not only highlight the neglect but also the apparent apathy of the owner towards the well-being of these animals.

The necessity for stringent legal action in this case is clear. Crowder’s alleged actions reflect a disturbing disregard for animal welfare. Our petition calls for the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney, William Gladson, to ensure Crowder faces the maximum possible penalties under the law. Such punishment is crucial, not only as a deterrent but also as a clear statement against animal cruelty.


Dear State Attorney Gladson,

We are writing to you concerning the deeply troubling case of Terrence Andre Crowder, recently found guilty of animal cruelty charges. This case, under your jurisdiction, has brought to light appalling instances of neglect and abuse towards animals, which demand the most severe legal consequences.

The details of this case are harrowing. Shakira, the miniature pony, endured extreme pain due to neglected hooves. Haling’s Darling, a horse, was found in a state of severe malnutrition. The goat’s chronic wound speaks volumes about the ongoing neglect it faced. These incidents collectively paint a picture of blatant disregard for the welfare of these animals. It is imperative that such cruelty is met with the strongest legal response.

Therefore, we urge you, as the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney, to ensure Crowder receives the harshest penalties available for his actions. This case stands as a precedent, underlining the importance of animal rights and the consequences of violating them. Your role in delivering justice for these animals is crucial and will send a powerful message against such atrocities.


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Photo credit: Tsaag Valren


  1. I pray that you get what you deserve … Your a pce of crap to let animals suffer in your hands i hope you get prison time and a animal lover treats you the same way

  2. No person who would do this to animals deserves to live in society. This is deplorable and that’s an understatement! This man needs to face justice. A court trial would be a responsible action to take. If the law doesn’t stand up for animals so mistreated then the laws don’t work. We need severe laws to stop these cases of animal mistreatment and neglect. The judge must pass harsh punishment on this man as he deserves no less. He is a parasite on the body of decent people. This man should spend many years in prison for the murders he committed.

  3. Laura Rolder says:

    I hope you suffer forcwhat you did to these innocent animals. You are a evil monster. Who should never be allowed to live in society ever.

  4. Sherry Akridge says:

    No person that allows or causes suffering to any animal, should be allowed to own any animal of any kind. These people are disgusting individuals that do not care about the suffering that they cause. They could care less if an animal is starving or has wounds that are causing suffering. They are the lowest of low and do not deserve another chance, just to do it again! So punishing them to the fullest, the very first time is what should happen.

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