Dogs Allegedly Left in Locked Vehicle for Four Days Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Sihle Zikalala, Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, South Africa

Goal: Ensure a thorough investigation into the alleged mistreatment of animals by a car owner who reportedly left three dogs in a locked vehicle without ventilation.

Reports from Cape Town reveal a harrowing scenario where three canines allegedly suffered in a locked car, devoid of airflow, for an extended period. This vehicle, immobile for four days, became the center of grave concern for animal welfare.

When the Cape of Good Hope SPCA intervened, backed by reports from the Kirstenhof SAPS, they faced an allegedly unyielding car owner. Allegedly, this individual rebuffed all attempts at negotiation, exacerbating the dogs’ plight in the escalating heat. Ultimately, officials were compelled to shatter the window to extract the distressed animals.

The SPCA’s subsequent footage appears to show the adamant owner resisting egress until physically prompted by an SPCA member. Post-rescue, the dogs are now under SPCA care, with a severe admonishment issued regarding the treatment of animals. Demand action now.


Dear Mr. Sihle Zikalala,

An unsettling event has surfaced from Cape Town, raising urgent concerns about animal welfare and the enforcement of laws to protect them. Three dogs reportedly found themselves in a dire predicament, confined within a stifling vehicle, devoid of fresh air, and a car owner who allegedly displayed a troubling lack of cooperation with the SPCA, despite clear signs of the animals’ distress.

This incident reflects not only on individual responsibility but also on the efficacy of a collective stance against animal cruelty. As such, we implore your office to initiate a comprehensive inquiry into this matter. It is crucial to ascertain the full scope of the situation and, if warranted, to prosecute to the fullest extent permissible under the legal framework.

The gravity of this case cannot be overstressed. An urgent and decisive response is requisite. Let this instance not merely pass as another report but serve as an exemplar of an unwavering commitment to justice and the humane treatment of all living beings under the purview of South African law.

We request your immediate attention to this matter and anticipate actions that will reaffirm the sanctity of animal rights in society.


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Photo credit: State Farm


  1. Where is this ignorant piece of shit owner – seriously you locked animals in your vehicle for days – WTF is wrong with you – you need to be locked up as well but for many more than just 3 to 4 days – how about a god damn lifetime. You f*cker.

  2. Do the same to the owner!

  3. Sherry Akridge says:

    inquiry into the matter? There should be an ARREST in the matter. 3 dogs suffering in a car with no ventilation for four days. Then the psychopath owner doing nothing! Then people step in and bust the windows out. What is there to think about. It is ANIMAL ABUSE! Arrest the stupid monster owner. Put him in jail where he belongs!

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