Justice For Dog Allegedly Found Burned in a Dumpster

Target: Henry Garza, The District Attorney of Bell County, Texas

Goal: Enact stringent legal repercussions for the alleged animal abusers of Samsonite.

When Central Texas learned of Samsonite’s plight, hearts broke. Allegedly found burned and forsaken in a dumpster, this dog’s story reverberates with outrage and demands justice. Samsonite’s alleged suffering, seemingly at the hands of two individuals, must not go unaddressed, and neither should the claim of their legal evasion. Allegations suggest these men bonded out and, in one instance, failed to honor court obligations. Such apparent disregard for the law and sentient life calls for stern, unyielding legal action.

Further allegations indicate a disturbing narrative of neglect and purported abuse. Kieshaw Rodriguez, after posting bond, supposedly dodged his trial, thus adding a failure to appear to his charges. Alex Cruz faced his legal reckoning yet allegedly served only a fraction of his sentence. If true, these facts paint a grim portrait of accountability for heinous acts against animals. Samsonite, who now resides at a sanctuary, became a symbol of survival; his story should equally become a beacon for justice.

The change we seek is uncompromising. Punishment must reflect the gravity of these claims and the emotional toll inflicted upon our community. We stand united in our cry for redress and in our resolve to see this through. Hence, we demand decisive action against the alleged perpetrators, upholding the dignity of the law and sentient beings alike.


Dear Henry Garza,

Samsonite’s alleged ordeal shocked our community, a sentiment I’m sure you share. Reports of the dog’s discovery—burned and abandoned—are harrowing. Allegations against Kieshaw Rodriguez and Alex Cruz suggest an abhorrent lack of humanity and, reportedly, a similar lack of respect for legal proceedings. These men, now felons, allegedly left a wake of suffering that can’t be overlooked or inadequately penalized. Our community looks to you for rectification.

The implications of such alleged actions stretch beyond animal cruelty; they speak to an alarming propensity for alleged lawlessness and a disturbing disrespect for life. The details—failing to appear for trial and purportedly serving insufficient time—are troubling. They raise questions about the message being sent regarding animal abuse and the serious nature of such allegations. Your office wields the power to set a precedent that this community will not tolerate such acts against its most vulnerable.

With due respect, we demand unwavering action that mirrors the severity of these allegations. Our collective conscience requires it. We seek assurance that justice, as it pertains to Samsonite and the law, is not just a concept but a living, breathing mandate in Bell County. It is your role to ensure that such cases result in more than a slap on the wrist—justice must be served, and it must be robust.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Igor Meghega


  1. Dennis Busto says:

    Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal Abuse n Cruelty

  2. Poor innocent doggy, please ensure that the perp wont see freedom for a long time.

  3. Instigation of the death penalty and nothing less is required to be implemented to animal abusing scumbags.

  4. Here’s another couple of f*ckers that need to be dropped off in the centre of the conflict in the Middle East – all of you so called tough guys need to see what the world can be like – you wanna be tough – well let’s see how tough you really are – you pick on innocent animals but you are useless pieces of human crap. Death is the only way to stop the animal abuse – get rid of the f*cking humans.

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