Justice for Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Serial Abuser

Target: Hal Hughston, District Attorney of Colbert County, AL

Goal: Punish woman accused of harming and killing dozens of animals to fullest extent, if found guilty.

Several years ago, Alabama resident Debra Jane Catledge faced multiple counts of animal cruelty after over 100 caged dogs were found outside her residence. One might think the story would have ended there. Yet a decade later, this same suspect is once again being charged with multiple cruelty offenses.

This time, the alleged victims include a mule, a donkey, 29 horses, and nearly four dozen dogs. While the dogs were rescued, most of the horses on the property were reportedly deceased. The investigation began months ago after reports emerged of dead horses at the suspect’s house. Investigators described horrific conditions upon arrival. They claimed the dogs were covered with bugs and matted fur and that the canines were packed into overcrowded kennels. Testing later reported they had serious medical ailments.

Fortunately, the living animals have received necessary treatments and are in the process of adoption. Unfortunately, past failures cast doubt on whether they will ever receive justice. This multi-time alleged offender was apparently quickly released after she was taken into custody.

Sign the petition below to ensure that the long arm of the law doesn’t fall short once again.


Dear DA Hughston,

If an accused suspect who had previously been charged with 15 counts of a crime later had the seeming opportunity to commit even more of said crimes, the public would be rightfully outraged and the system that let this miscarriage of justice happen would be shamed. Why, then, did the Colbert County legal system allow Debra Jane Catledge (accused of harming 100-plus dogs 10 years ago) unfettered access to more potential victims? Why is this woman now once again before the courts facing allegations that she not only ran a puppy mill, but also caused the deaths of nearly 30 horses?

If this suspect is guilty, do not let her escape justice a second time. Seek the maximum possible charges and affirm that in this county and in this country, every victim matters.


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  1. Can we just string this Bitch up and be done with her? No? I didn’t think so. Too many bleeding heart mother-fuckers out there that always want to feel sorry for the perpetrator instead of the victims. That’s why NOTHING will ever get done when it comes to getting real justice for the innocent animals. Vigilante justice is the only real solution. The only problem is that the law couldn’t get to the vigilantes quick enough to put them in prison. If the law really gave a shit about the suffering animals, they would hunt down the perpetrators and put them in prison for many years. But they won’t. It’s been proven too many times.

  2. There is no room for serial killers to live among innocent animals! Plese have her removed to a permanent home..the prison!

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