Justice for Dog Reportedly Abused for Months and Buried Alive

Target: Steve Baker, Minister of State of Northern Ireland

Goal: Swiftly investigate, prosecute, and seek the maximum penalty for man who allegedly buried a dog alive.

A canine named Luna was reportedly buried alive, malnourished, and battered. Court documents indicate Luna suffered emaciation so severe that a vet declared the poor creature had endured agony for months. On the 15th of March, 2023, Luna was apparently unearthed by authorities and later had to undergo euthanasia due to irreversible damage to her health. The allegations pinpoint Peter Toland as the chief suspect, a resident of Cornshell Fields, Derry. Toland, although denying charges, now faces animal welfare violations that extend beyond Luna, implicating other animals under his care as well.

District Judge Ted Magill, presiding over the case at Londonderry Magistrates’ Court, referred to the reported act of live burial as “incomprehensible.” Devastatingly, Toland has been released on bail, with sentencing deferred until December 11. Animal rights activists, already incensed, demonstrated vociferously outside the courthouse.

The fate of this case not only influences societal perspectives on animal cruelty, but also has palpable repercussions for the enforcement of Northern Ireland’s animal welfare laws. To avert a precedent of leniency, it remains crucial that Peter Toland’s alleged offences undergo rigorous investigation, followed by appropriate penal actions if proven guilty. Take strict action now.


Dear Mr. Steve Baker,

As concerned global citizens, it is with grave apprehension that we address the case of Luna, the American bull terrier reportedly found buried alive in Ballyarnett Country Park. This shocking incident exemplifies the most repugnant aspects of human behavior, thereby warranting your utmost attention and swift action.

Exercise your authority and influence to ensure a prompt, thorough investigation into the allegations surrounding Peter Toland. Given that animal rights activists have already made their concerns public, failing to do so will likely erode public trust in law enforcement institutions and the justice system overall.

The integrity of Northern Ireland’s justice system now lies partly in your hands. Diligent prosecution of this case will signal a strong commitment to animal welfare and ethical treatment of all sentient beings.

It is high time for decisive action. We trust you’ll meet the plea with the urgency it merits, thereby reinforcing public faith in the system’s ability to serve justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dey Alexander


  1. Jacqueline “Torture the S*** says:

    Such a seeet dog. These subhumans need to be put to death beside the little dog.

  2. It’s horrible, appalling, gruesome … May this insensitive moron be punished to the full extent of the law

  3. Once convicted the perpetrator should receive identical treatment. Justice

  4. Give him the max and harshest punishments for multiple severe animal cruelties! Justice for poor Luna and many others whose lives had been miserable and terminated prematurely!

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