45 Animals Reportedly Horrifically Abused Deserve Justice

Target: Maria Panne, Director of Rowan County Animal Services, United States

Goal: Initiate thorough investigations against the people arrested for alleged animal cruelty.

Recently, a raid jointly orchestrated by Rowan County Animal Services and the Rowan Sheriff’s Office resulted in severe charges against Justin Lee Smith and Madison Danielle Clontz. Law enforcement booked these individuals with 45 felony counts of alleged cruelty toward animals and three counts of purported child abuse. Prior to this, the Department of Social Services had been investigating the duo for suspected child mistreatment.

During the incursion on the property at Morlan Park Road, deputies alongside Animal Services personnel executed an authorized search. Their grim discoveries comprised a myriad of creatures—dogs, cats, pigs, snakes, turtles, goats, chickens, among others. Officials have reported that numerous animals were in pitiable condition. Forty-five such creatures have been extracted from the premises for immediate care.

The lack of response from Smith and Clontz regarding the welfare of these animals adds another layer of concern. It remains vital to the societal fabric that incidents like this are neither overlooked nor minimized. Demand stringent legal action.


Dear Ms. Maria Panne,

We express grave concern over the recent allegations against Justin Lee Smith and Madison Danielle Clontz. Your duty as the Director of Rowan County Animal Services necessitates an unwavering pursuit of justice for these voiceless creatures.

With urgency, we entreat you to launch a complete, unbiased investigation into this severe matter. Allocation of all available resources for this probe should be an immediate priority. Let us not forget the three counts of suspected child abuse that have been levied against these individuals as well.

Decisive action must be undertaken to ascertain the truth. This course of action will serve as a societal declaration—cruelty in any form will not find a haven here.


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  1. What type of law do we have in this country? To take animals away for medical purposes and then probably return them? These two men must answer to an investigation. If guilty they must receive the full punishment by law and not a slap on the wrist which is too often the case in these matters. To return animals having been abused by these men is to give these two degenerates the opportunity to do the crime again. This IS a crime and the investigation should prove that to be true. To have no regard for others needs to mean others will have no regard for you. To allow these men to go free is a crime against society. They are criminals and need to be treated that way.

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