Stop Using Live Animals to Get Likes and Views

Target: Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram

Goal: Prohibit Instagram content that portrays animal cruelty, including the use of live animals in fashion or decorative setups.

A recent uproar on Instagram ensued from a post by ‘Make over by Preethi’ (@ohsopretty_makeover), where a dress featured an enclosure harboring a number of small fish. Not only did this video accrue an overwhelming number of likes, but it also ignited a vehement backlash from a segment of Instagram users decrying the act as animal cruelty.

Detractors point out that, while visually pleasing, confining fish in cramped spaces constitutes an ethical violation. It stresses the fish, who require substantial room for natural movement. Furthermore, ethical concerns extend to the practice of artificially coloring certain fish species, such as white skirt tetras, to heighten their market appeal. Although creativity and aesthetics are highly valued, they should never come at the expense of the well-being of sentient beings.

Vigilant netizens have spoken out, questioning the ethics behind using living creatures as mere props for fashion or decorative purposes. The severity of the issue calls for immediate intervention from platforms that host such content, particularly Instagram, where the video surfaced and garnered attention. Inaction in this matter might legitimize such practices, contributing to a more extensive problem that betrays both ethical standards and existing animal welfare laws in numerous jurisdictions. It’s time to take action.


Dear Mr. Adam Mosseri,

We vehemently urge you to enforce stricter rules on Instagram against content that overtly or covertly promotes animal cruelty. The video posted by ‘Make over by Preethi’ (@ohsopretty_makeover) has sparked outrage for its alleged mistreatment of live fish, employed as mere aesthetic elements.

We beseech you, as the CEO of Instagram, to allocate resources for the development and strict enforcement of comprehensive guidelines. These should explicitly prohibit content that includes the use of live animals in fashion or decorative setups, where their welfare gets compromised. A failure to act sends an implicit message: that Instagram stands complicit in the ethical and potentially legal violations carried out by its users.

Demanding immediate action, we, the concerned global citizens, seek to ensure that Instagram remains a platform that values not just creativity but also ethics, compassion, and the well-being of all sentient beings.


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Photo credit: Ravi Kumar


  1. Other countries have stopped animal torture for views on the web. Why not here in America? Instagram must have a platform that values ethics, compassion, and concern for all sentient beings. To offer your platform to lesser values shows you have no respect for most of your followers as only the mentally disturbed have value. That’s the wrong message, don’t you think?

  2. Allowing these horrific animal abuse videos on Instagram makes them an accessory to, and enabler of, animal abuse and torture. Why are we acting like a third world country and allowing this across America? Ban these types of videos and you will save the life of an animal, guaranteed. To use ‘free speech’ to forfeit your duty to decency is BS, stop letting freaks post trash like animal abuse videos on your platform now.

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