Dogs Allegedly Tortured to Death and Sexually Abused by Animal Expert Deserve Justice

Target: The Honorable Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese

Goal: Demand swift and just legal action in the case of 39 dogs allegedly tortured and killed.

Recent reports have brought to light deeply disturbing allegations against Adam Robert Corden Britton, a renowned British crocodile expert who resided and worked in Australia. It is reportedly alleged that Mr. Britton engaged in bestiality and a litany of animal sexual abuse crimes, causing unimaginable suffering to numerous dogs. These grave allegations have sent shockwaves through the community and have raised concerns about the welfare of animals and vulnerable individuals.

According to reports, it is alleged that Mr. Britton began sexually abusing dogs in 2014, leading to the torture and deaths of more than 39 dogs until his arrest in April of the following year. Disturbingly, it is also reported that he filmed these acts of cruelty and posted them online under pseudonyms.

The allegations against Mr. Britton are deeply troubling and demand the utmost attention and scrutiny. If found guilty, he must face the full force of the law to ensure justice is served for both the innocent animals and any potential victims of child abuse material. Take action now.


Dear Prime Minister Anthony Albanese,

We, the concerned citizens of Australia and individuals around the world, write to you with heavy hearts and deep concern regarding the shocking allegations against Adam Robert Corden Britton. The alleged crimes of bestiality and animal sexual abuse have horrified our collective conscience.

While we understand that these are allegations and that due legal process must be followed, we urge you to ensure that a thorough and expedited investigation is conducted into these grave matters. The alleged acts of cruelty and abuse, if substantiated, are not only abhorrent but represent a threat to the welfare of animals.

We implore you to use the full weight of your office to support the legal system in its efforts to uncover the truth and, if warranted, prosecute Mr. Britton to the fullest extent of the law. It is crucial that justice is served, and that those who commit such heinous acts are held accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, we call upon you to advocate for stronger regulations and safeguards to prevent the exploitation of animals in the future. No society can tolerate such acts of cruelty, and we believe it is the responsibility of our leaders to ensure that our legal and regulatory frameworks reflect our shared values of compassion and protection for the vulnerable.

We trust that you will treat this matter with the gravity it deserves, and we look to your leadership to ensure that justice prevails in this deeply troubling case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Matt Barnard


  1. Again, just when you think you have heard it all,along comes something like this which just leaves you without words… This vile, sadistic piece of utter disgusting filth should suffer hideously for every one of those innocent helpless dogs he raped and killed. He should be publicly tortured day after day after day and kept alive so he can suffer all the agonies and more that he caused these poor dogs. Then he will hopefully head for Hell and suffer even more for eternity.

  2. Despicable and revolting to the extreme. This perpetrator needs to be incarcerated for life!

  3. Just kill him

  4. Why have you not checked this out sooner.. unbelievable what the hell is wrong with people..letting this animals suffer under this sadistic asshole i pray you put in him a prison and he suffers the same that he did to these poor animals rot in under the prison you sadistic beast below the scum of the earth which is better than you


  6. Maria Nowicki says:

    Shove a big rusty pipe a foot up his ass!

  7. Cut the arms and legs off and burn the ends. After just make 1000 cuts. He will die by then. it might take 5 days. There is another POS that raped a cat and tortured her. bani mezquititla some illegal is now in prison. He needs to have the same happen to him just more intense.

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