Cat Killed in Apparent Domestic Violence Incident Deserves Justice

Target: Jeff Davis, Sheriff of Sarpy County

Goal: Demand a thorough investigation in the case of alleged animal cruelty and domestic violence.

A distressing incident in Bellevue, Nebraska has shaken the community, alleging intentional animal cruelty and its intersection with domestic violence. Deyjion Jefferson, a 24-year-old, stands charged with deliberate animal cruelty, resulting in the death of one cat and the severe injury of another. Additionally, he faces drug charges, further deepening the gravity of the situation.

According to court documents, on a fateful Sunday morning, Bellevue police and the Nebraska Humane Society responded to Jefferson’s apartment, where they discovered two injured cats. It is reported that Jefferson admitted to using a wooden back scratcher to strike the cats, citing stress as a cause. Tragically, one of these innocent animals succumbed to its injuries, while the other is enduring severe bodily harm under the care of the Nebraska Humane Society.

Disturbingly, this incident allegedly occurred in the context of a domestic relationship. Kiki Mathos, who had partnered with Jefferson for years and recently married him, expressed her shock and anguish. Mathos, who was out of town at the time of the alleged incident, was reportedly shown a video message by Jefferson, depicting the injured cats. Distressed and concerned for her safety, she reported the incident to law enforcement.

This case underscores a troubling connection between animal abuse and domestic violence. Experts from the Women’s Center for Advancement highlight that pets can be used as a means of control over victims in abusive relationships, both emotionally and physically. The abuse of animals can be indicative of broader patterns of violence and abuse within households.

Sign below and demand a thorough investigation into this case for the benefit of all victims of domestic violence, both human and animal.


Dear Sheriff Davis,

We, the undersigned, write to express our profound concern regarding the recent incident in Bellevue, Nebraska, involving allegations of intentional animal cruelty resulting in the death of one cat, the injury of another, and its intersection with potential domestic violence, allegedly perpetrated by Deyjion Jefferson.

The allegations in this case are deeply troubling and warrant a thorough investigation. We urge you to ensure that a comprehensive and impartial examination of the evidence takes place. It is crucial that the truth surrounding these allegations is uncovered, and if Mr. Jefferson is found guilty, that he be held accountable for his actions.

Furthermore, we implore you to consider the potential link between animal abuse and domestic violence, recognizing that these issues are not isolated but can be part of a broader pattern of abuse. We request that appropriate measures be taken to address the intersection of these concerns legally.

We call for justice to prevail in this case, both for the innocent animals affected and for the potential victims of domestic violence. Your actions can send a strong message that our community stands firmly against cruelty and violence, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable under the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pete Markham


  1. A great teacher we should ankle recognize stated, “As you do to others … you do to me.”

    Or, “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    We will never have peace until we respect consider others and show compassion. Humans are supposed to be the best amount us yet they are the least. We can make the world better and we must.

  2. Big man, killing a tiny cat and maiming another one. Bet his parents are proud as hell they raised a future serial killer. If he can do this over some domestic problem then he can do this over anything that he doesn’t like. Jail, fines, lifetime ban from animal contact and that’s just what I can say in a public forum. Loser and coward.

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