Don’t Force Young Animals Into Yoga Poses for Entertainment

Target: Robert Goodwill, Chair of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee

Goal: Amend animal welfare laws to include yoga-based practices.

Puppies are reportedly being taken from their mothers at increasingly younger ages, deprived of water and sleep, and manhandled into unnatural body poses for hours on end in hot environments. So finds an extensive investigation from the United Kingdom’s (UK) top animal welfare agency: the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Where is this seeming cruelty taking place and being celebrated on many social media outlets? It’s reportedly unfolding in the rising number of yoga studios that use and exploit animals to make a profit.

Yoga-with-animals classes are happening with mostly young subjects ranging from goats to kittens and puppies. The animals are often purchased from breeders or pet shops (usually well before the recommended age for parental separation) and essentially used as live props in yoga classes. Attendees of the classes are reportedly given no special instructions or training in how to properly interact with these animals. Instead, the emphasis seems to be exclusively on the entertainment of the attendees.

Animal welfare advocates, in response to the investigation, have called on the UK Parliament to add these dangerous practices to current animal welfare laws. Sign the petition below to join in the calls for protection that prioritize the most innocent living beings.


Dear Sir Goodwill,

A recent investigation conducted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has yielded troubling findings regarding the trend of animal yoga. Puppies were allegedly kept in confined spaces without access to water, routinely woken from sleep to “perform,” and mishandled and traumatized by both instructors and yoga class students. While these attendees may have come away with a few TikTok images, the animals left behind seemingly continue to be exploited and deprived of a normal and healthy life.

Please honor the pleas of the RSPCA, the Kennel Club, and countless individuals concerned about the welfare of these innocents. Incorporate strong guidelines and—if necessary—bans on animal yoga into the United Kingdom’s animal welfare laws. Let the UK lead the way for the rest of the world in ensuring the protection of each and every animal.


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Photo Credit: Erhar Yaksaa


  1. Rescue the animals from these GREEDY monsters👺 who should get the same torture they inflicted on innocent creatures.

  2. I really do not know where to start on this one!!
    Normally I have no problem whatsoever but these stupid twats seriously ‘ take the biscuit!
    I mean, what stupid-minded idiot brained fool spawned this crazy notion that animals want to learn fucking yoga??
    They DO NOT want to. They DO NOT need to! I would think that this was devised by some twatish ‘yummy-mummy’ woman with pound signs in her fucking brain on how to exploit innocent animals ( yet again) to make more money.
    This is really no different to the circus animals that are tortured to make them perform. They DO NOT want to but are wise enough to know what will happen later if they do not!!
    These annoying leotarded ‘mother-fucks’ seriously need stopping at this twisted nonsense but would say something like,
    “Oh look what this dog can do, isn’t he clever”. Stupid twats like these tossers have no idea how to look after and treat animals. Fucking £££ signs again running through their brainless skulls!
    These arses need some severe ‘yoga’ treatment, and I would be one of the first to help these ‘jumped up’ cunts (sorry but that is how I feel) bend their arms and legs around the back of their necks and see if any of them cry out in pain!!
    This nonsense has to be stopped before more idiots catch on that they look good in the photos whilst making money from even more stupid idiot watchers.
    I still cannot actually believe what lengths bastard humans will go to exploiting animals. The only way TO stop the fools is by people power and the sooner we can muster up the same minded groups to teach these idiots a lesson the sooner this animal exploitation can be stopped.

  3. They are forced to do this!!

  4. What will humans not think of next to use and abuse innocent animals!?!?! This is ridiculous, unnecessary and must be stopped. However, where there is a demand… there will be a supply!!!!!

  5. Laura Rolder says:

    This needs to stop. No animal should ever be used to amuse humans for profit. This is not natural behavior for these innocent animals. Make the law to ban this from happening to any animal. It is no different than child abuse both are innocent living being.

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