Stop Poachers From Wiping Out 20 Remaining Red Wolves

Target: Roy Cooper, Governor of North Carolina

Goal: Safeguard the remaining 20 critically endangered red wolfs.

The red wolf (Canis rufus) once roamed freely throughout the southeastern United States, but today, it is teetering on the brink of extinction. With fewer than 20 red wolves left in the wild, the species faces a dire and imminent threat to its existence. North Carolina is home to the last remaining wild population of red wolves, making it absolutely crucial to their survival.

Historically, these remarkable creatures played a vital role in maintaining ecological balance in the region. However, habitat loss, illegal hunting, and interbreeding with coyotes have pushed them to the edge of oblivion. In 1987, North Carolina took a commendable step by implementing a program to reintroduce red wolves into their native habitat. This initiative, led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, aimed to ensure the survival of this critically endangered species.

Recently, however, these efforts have faced significant setbacks. The red wolf population has plummeted, primarily due to inadequate protection, lax enforcement of anti-poaching measures, and a lack of commitment to their conservation.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate, unwavering support for the protection and recovery of North Carolina’s red wolf population.


Dear Governor Cooper,

The red wolf is not just a symbol of North Carolina’s natural heritage, but a living testament to the commitment to conservation. The species being one of the critically endangered ones, we have a moral obligation to protect and preserve the red wolf.

However, the red wolf’s population is perilously low, and time is running out. We urge you to take swift and decisive action to ensure the survival of this magnificent species. We call upon you to enforce stringent laws and penalties against those who harm or kill red wolves illegally. We must secure and expand the red wolf’s natural habitat, ensuring sufficient space for breeding and recovery.

You must provide funding and resources to organizations working tirelessly to protect and restore the red wolf population while promoting education and public awareness campaigns to engage communities in the importance of red wolf conservation.

The world is watching. We implore you to stand as a champion for the red wolf, ensuring that this iconic species does not vanish from the state’s landscape forever. The time for action is now.


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  1. Just tell the truth,what we have is not a pure breed

  2. Charles, none of us are pure breeds either! Animals mix things up and sometimes come away with wonderful specimens. However, thanks for caring. Hopefully you are against poachers. Hunters are usually intelligent in the ways of animals and weather. Poachers are totally ignorant lacking intelligence except for profit. Poachers have no ethics only greed. The laws state to state vary and poachers can take advantage of that fact. We need one big SOB set of laws which protect animals and wildlife from poachers. Laws that will strip poachers of everything they own, presenting them with huge fines, a prison sentence and taking away their homes. They must lose big if caught otherwise it’s just spitting in the wind until the demand for dead animals is finished. When animals are all dead then poachers will start with humans.

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