Don’t Push the Desert Bighorn Sheep to Extinction

Target: Alan Jenne, Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife

Goal: Protect and conserve the desert bighorn sheep.

Nevada’s vast and breathtaking landscapes are home to a treasured and iconic species, the desert bighorn sheep. These majestic creatures have long been an integral part of the state’s unique natural heritage. However, their habitat is under increasing threat due to development, mining, and other human activities.

The fragile ecosystems that sustain desert bighorn sheep are essential not only for their survival, but also for the overall health of Nevada’s environment. These habitats provide not only food and water, but also critical breeding and migration routes for this species. Without these vital habitats, the desert bighorn sheep population faces a bleak future.

Conservationists, scientists, and concerned citizens alike recognize the urgency of this situation. Nevada is at a crossroads: choose to protect these natural spaces, ensuring the survival of desert bighorn sheep for generations to come, or allow their habitats to degrade, pushing them closer to extinction.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Nevada State Government and Wildlife Conservation Authorities take immediate and comprehensive action to safeguard the desert bighorn sheep habitat. Protecting these lands is not just a local concern; it’s a global responsibility to preserve the planet’s biodiversity.


Dear Director Jenne,

The world is watching as the fate of the desert bighorn sheep and their critical habitats in Nevada hangs in the balance. These remarkable creatures are not only a symbol of the state, but also a testament to the commitment to preserving the natural world for future generations.

The threats to their habitats are real and immediate, and the consequences of inaction are severe. We urge you to prioritize the protection and conservation of these vital areas. This includes designating and enforcing wildlife corridors, regulating development near sheep habitats, and investing in research and education to ensure the long-term survival of the desert bighorn sheep.

By acting decisively now, we can secure the future of both the desert bighorn sheep and the pristine landscapes they call home. This is not just a matter of state importance, but a global responsibility to protect the planet’s biodiversity.


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Photo credit: Magnus Kjaergaard

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  1. This magnificent animal is also going extinct. Hunters go into the desert to shoot these animals for trophies. There is no consideration for the possibility of the animal going extinct just as long as the hunter (poacher) gets his wall piece. To hell with anything else. That’s a tough motto which leaves the rest of us who enjoy just seeing this animal in pictures with the realization this may be the last of its kind on earth. How short sighted, how rude and showing no compassion or understanding of the animal he is killing. His selfish attitude will deny the rest of us. Despicable, and that’s an understatement!

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