Save Brook Trout From Extinction Due to Increased Pollution

Target: Chris Sununu, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

Goal: Safeguard the brook trout and ensure their long-term survival.

New Hampshire’s native brook trout, a symbol of pristine wilderness and a vital component of the natural heritage, is under grave threat. The brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, is not only an iconic species cherished by anglers, naturalists, and conservationists, but also a keystone species that plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health of freshwater ecosystems.

The once-thriving populations of brook trout are dwindling due to habitat degradation, pollution, climate change, and invasive species. Urban development, deforestation, and increased pollution are encroaching upon their native habitats, pushing them to the brink of extinction in many areas.

Brook trout are not just a part of the natural heritage; they are an essential indicator of the health of the waterways. Their presence reflects clean, cold, and well-oxygenated waters, which benefit countless other species and provide recreation opportunities for both residents and visitors.

Sign the petition below to demand the preservation and restoration of brook trout habitats in New Hampshire, ensuring a future where these native treasures continue to thrive.


Dear Executive Director Sununu,

The native brook trout is not just a species; it’s a living testament to the natural beauty and ecological richness of New Hampshire. As stewards of the state’s wildlife, it is crucial that we take action to protect and restore the habitats that sustain this iconic species.

The challenges facing brook trout are numerous and daunting, from habitat loss due to development to the impacts of climate change and invasive species. However, inaction is not an option. We must prioritize the preservation of brook trout habitats, not just for the sake of this species, but for the health of the entire freshwater ecosystem.

Preserving brook trout habitats means safeguarding clean water, pristine forests, and healthy ecosystems. It means ensuring that generations to come can experience the thrill of catching a wild brook trout or simply enjoying the beauty of the natural landscapes.

We urge you to make the preservation and restoration of brook trout habitats a top priority. Invest in habitat conservation, enforce regulations to prevent pollution, and work with communities to protect these vital places.


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Photo credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

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  1. Now Brook Trout are not able to sustain themselves due to pollution in the water. Makes sense. If it’s not hunters, poachers, it’s polluters! Yet this is happening and taking away food sources for animals, wildlife and us! The polluters are not ignorant they are owners of large corporations and industry. They have lawyers to protect them and live lavish lifestyles. Is it okay to pollute to sustain your corporation? Some politicians think it is. Support politicians and get away with murder. To deny humans and wildlife a food source by just being too greedy to clean up after yourselves needs to be fixed at such a high cost that a corporation may be forced out of business. Polluters deserve no more than this.

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