Stop Overfishing Lake Sturgeon and Preserve Aquatic Treasures

Target: M. Scott Bowen, Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Mobilize comprehensive measures to safeguard lake sturgeon and other native fish species in Michigan’s waters.

Michigan’s aquatic ecosystems are at a crossroads, with the survival of native fish species, particularly the lake sturgeon, hanging in the balance. These magnificent creatures, ancient and vital to the state’s natural heritage, face a myriad of threats. As a global community, people must rally together to protect these aquatic treasures.

Lake sturgeon, alongside other native fish species like the Arctic grayling and eastern sand darter, are confronting perilous challenges. Pollution, habitat degradation, overfishing, and invasive species are jeopardizing their populations. The consequences are not confined to Michigan; the decline of these species sends ripples through entire ecosystems, impacting water quality, biodiversity, and the livelihoods of many.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate, concerted efforts to ensure the survival and thriving of Michigan’s native fish species.


Dear Director Bowen,

The unique beauty of Michigan lies in its breathtaking natural landscapes and the rich biodiversity that graces its waters. Yet, the aquatic treasures, particularly the lake sturgeon, Arctic grayling, and eastern sand darter, are under siege.

The lake sturgeon, in particular, holds immense historical and ecological significance. These ancient creatures are not just part of Michigan’s natural heritage; they are a global legacy. We, the undersigned, come from diverse corners of the world, united in concern for the preservation of these native fish species.

It is imperative that Michigan takes a pioneering role in conserving these species. We urge you to institute comprehensive measures to combat pollution, protect vital habitats, enforce responsible fishing practices, and combat invasive species. By doing so, you will not only protect these species, but also secure the future of Michigan’s aquatic ecosystems.

Michigan’s leadership in this endeavor will set an inspiring example for the world. Let us work together to ensure that lake sturgeon, Arctic grayling, eastern sand darter, and other native fish species continue to thrive for generations to come.


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Photo credit: Fungus Guy

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