Stop Chasing Down Wolves From Aircraft and Shooting Them Indiscriminately

Target: Douglas Vincent-Lang, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Goal: Stop aerial wolf hunting practices to promote ethical conservation methods.

Alaska’s unique wilderness and diverse ecosystems hold a treasure trove of wildlife that enriches the planet’s biodiversity. However, the practice of aerial wolf hunting tarnishes this reputation, raising grave concerns about the ethical treatment of animals and environmental preservation. The use of aircraft to track and kill wolves disrupts the natural balance and threatens entire ecosystems.

The aerial wolf hunting practice involves chasing down wolves from aircraft and shooting them indiscriminately. This method is not only inhumane, but also detrimental to the delicate ecological equilibrium. Predators like wolves play a vital role in regulating populations of prey species, and their presence is integral to maintaining ecosystem health.

Despite protests from environmentalists and animal rights advocates, aerial wolf hunting continues, perpetuating a cycle of violence and ecological disruption. It’s imperative to prioritize ethical hunting practices and explore sustainable alternatives that respect both wildlife and the environment.

Sign the petition below to demand the immediate cessation of aerial wolf hunting in Alaska, and advocate for the adoption of more humane and environmentally conscious methods of wildlife management.


Dear Commissioner Vincent-Lang,

The intricate tapestry of Alaska’s wilderness is a global heritage, deserving of the utmost care and respect. The current practice of aerial wolf hunting, however, threatens this delicate balance and tarnishes the reputation of ethical conservation. The skies over the wilderness should not be marred by the specter of indiscriminate killing from aircraft.

Wolves are not only an integral part of Alaska’s ecosystem, but also vital to maintaining ecological equilibrium. Aerial hunting undermines this equilibrium, perpetuating a cycle of disruption that impacts not only wolves but entire habitats.

We, the undersigned, urge you to cease the practice of aerial wolf hunting and replace it with ethical and ecologically sound alternatives. It’s within people’s power to protect wildlife and preserve Alaska’s natural heritage for generations to come. Let us be remembered as stewards of the land, champions of compassion, and defenders of nature.


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  1. The government is culling wolves? I am confused as some wolves are being located in various areas which I though might be for their protection. Now I read helicopters are shooting wolves from the air. Alaska is a vast territory yet no room for wolves? What wrong with you people? Wolves are iconic animals, family animals, and preserve the eco system of the land. They are not garbage to be shot from the air. Who in the government is heading this murder from the sky? We need wolves to help us through the climate crises but we need them alive not dead. Ranchers were the first to start this murderous rampage but Alaska seems big enough for wolves to sustain themselves without threat to anything else. Don’t be stupid. Stop the murder.

  2. This is not conservation, it is using sentient beings and our precious wildlife for target practice and it is disgusting. Wolves provide valuable ‘services’ to our wildlife habitats, can keep vermin in check and are important apex animals. Shooting from a helicopter is so chickenshit, it you can’t find a better way to keep the population of wolves in check then get the hell out of there and let Mother Nature take care of wildlife populations, as least she knows what actually works and respects all wildlife.

  3. It saves moose and caribou. People subsist on moose and caribou in the villages.

  4. If you insist on killing wolves then put on your big boy pants and get out of the helicopters. Any idiot can kill from a helicopter. Instead, go on foot, your own hopefully, without a gun and proceed to do your evil bidding. You can find a wolf or better let the wolf find you. Do all you can to save yourself but in the end few can achieve that ending, on foot, alone, no automatic weapon available. This is what the wolf feels like as you fly you ass over his head and shoot all the bullets you have on your person. You have a family? The wolf has a family. You love your family? The wolf loves his family. Wolves and humans are close in the way they live life only the wolf is honorable, the human is not.

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