Don’t Let Human Carelessness Poison the Endangered California Condor

Target: Martha Williams, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Take immediate action to bolster the recovery efforts for the California condor population.

The California condor, an iconic symbol of American wildlife, faces a dire situation that transcends state boundaries. This “Critically Endangered” majestic bird, with its immense wingspan and remarkable history, is perilously close to the brink of extinction. The shared responsibility lies in protecting this species for the benefit of the entire nation and its rich biodiversity.

Once nearly extinct, the California condor’s population experienced a fragile resurgence thanks to arduous conservation efforts. However, the threats persist. Lead poisoning from spent lead ammunition, habitat loss, and human activity continue to impede their recovery. These challenges pose a grim reality: Without urgent intervention, there is a massive risk of losing this irreplaceable species forever.

Sign the petition below to demand collaborative and swift action from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to safeguard the California condor population.


Dear Director Williams,

The California condor’s plight is a matter that extends beyond any single state’s borders. As concerned individuals, we implore you to rise above regional divisions and protect the future of this magnificent bird. Its significance goes beyond our imaginations, serving as a symbol of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity.

While the strides made in condor conservation are commendable, the challenges remain daunting. The looming specter of lead poisoning, habitat encroachment, and human activity threaten to reverse the progress we’ve painstakingly achieved. It is our shared duty to ensure that the California condor’s wings continue to grace the skies, carrying with them the essence of our natural heritage.

We urge you to intensify your commitment to this recovery effort. By enforcing stricter regulations on lead ammunition, expanding protected habitats, and fostering public awareness, we can secure a brighter future for the California condor. This noble bird represents not just a species, but the very values of conservation and unity that bind our nation together.


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