Protect Sonoran Pronghorns By Supporting Wildlife-Friendly Fencing

Target: Jennifer Toth, Director of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Goal: Safeguard Sonoran pronghorns and promote safe migrations.

The majestic Sonoran pronghorns of Arizona are facing an urgent threat to their survival due to the encroachment of roads and barriers that disrupt their natural migrations. These incredible creatures play an essential role in maintaining the ecological balance of the region, but their populations are dwindling rapidly.

The existing barriers, such as conventional fences along highways, pose grave risks to Sonoran pronghorns. These barriers obstruct their movement, leading to tragic collisions with vehicles and hindering their access to vital resources. Such impediments are causing immeasurable harm to both pronghorns and local ecosystems, imperiling the delicate balance of Arizona’s biodiversity.

Sign the petition below to demand the implementation of wildlife-friendly fencing solutions that will protect Sonoran pronghorns and allow them to migrate safely.


Dear Director Toth,

The legacy of Arizona’s diverse and unique ecosystems depends on our collective commitment to safeguarding the region’s iconic species. It is with great concern that we address the pressing issue of the Sonoran pronghorns’ survival. These magnificent creatures, symbols of resilience and natural beauty, are at risk due to the fragmentation caused by conventional fencing along roadways.

We urge the Arizona Department of Transportation to swiftly address this issue by adopting wildlife-friendly fencing solutions. By implementing measures that allow safe passage for Sonoran pronghorns, you not only protect these animals, but also contribute to the ecological well-being of the entire state.

This is an opportunity for Arizona to lead in conservation efforts, showcasing a commitment to preserving its natural heritage for future generations. We implore you to prioritize the installation of wildlife-friendly fencing to facilitate the safe movement of Sonoran pronghorns and other wildlife.


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Photo credit: Pxfuel


  1. This is elementary! Common sense! Build better fences to help protect animals who are not used to fences and may get stuck in them. It’s not brain surgery.

  2. I lived next door to the Sonoran desert for 23 years. I camped, hiked and drove and not once ever saw Sonoran pronghorn. I moved away in 1995, so they must have been pretty rare and endangered then. Someday soon in the near future they won’t have water and the people will be force to leave…

  3. Dave Brown was champion for these animals for decades. He coordinated fence change outs, and gathered and moved herds when necessary and was instrumental in them breeding and increasing the population numbers. Sadly Dave passed away a couple years ago and it looks like it all unwound. Took decades to do and a couple short years to lose it all.

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