Don’t Let the Majestic Lynx Die Off Due to Human Greed

Target: Dan Gibbs, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Protect the lynx’s habitat for the benefit of the ecosystems and wildlife.

The delicate balance of the Southern Rockies’ ecosystem faces a grave threat as the habitat of the majestic lynx is at risk. As stewards of the environment, it is crucial to recognize the significance of preserving this habitat for the sake of the intricate web of life it supports.

The lynx, an emblem of the natural heritage, requires extensive tracts of undisturbed forests to thrive. However, human activities and encroachments on these habitats are unsettling this balance. The lynx, a sentinel species, helps indicate the health of the ecosystem as a whole. Their presence reflects the well-being of other species and the overall ecological stability of the region.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action in safeguarding the vital lynx habitat, thus securing the future of this majestic species and preserving the integrity of the Southern Rockies’ ecosystem.


Dear Executive Director Gibbs,

The harmonious coexistence of nature and humanity is an aspiration that transcends geographical boundaries. As concerned global citizens, we unite in urging the Colorado Department of Natural Resources to uphold the responsibility of preserving the remarkable lynx habitat in the Southern Rockies, a cornerstone of biodiversity and ecological resilience.

The lynx, with its enchanting presence, embodies the intrinsic connection between wildlife and wilderness. By conserving its habitat, we safeguard not only the lynx, but also countless other species that depend on these same habitats for survival. This habitat protection also resonates beyond the bounds of a single state, resonating as a beacon of hope for all those who cherish the intricate tapestry of our planet’s ecosystems.

We implore you to take decisive measures that transcend borders and prioritize the preservation of the Southern Rockies’ ecosystem. The lynx habitat, in all its glory, deserves our unwavering commitment and united action.


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Photo credit: Andrew McKinlay

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  1. Every time humans get involved with wildlife we have a seriously awful consequence, like extinction. The wildlife we have has a strict hierarchy that works to keep wildlife populations and their habitats in check, humans are not needed and when we get involved we screw it up and that is what will happen here. Protect your wildlife instead of killing it off and you will have a far netter environment and a better state overall.

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