Preserve Monarch Butterflies by Protecting Milkweed

Target: Natalie Phelps Finnie, Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Safeguard critical monarch butterflies by preserving milkweed.

The fragile balance of monarch butterfly populations is under imminent threat due to habitat loss and disruptions to their vital migration routes. Illinois plays a pivotal role in providing essential migration pathways for these majestic creatures, fostering their incredible journey spanning thousands of miles. The survival of the monarch butterfly species hinges on immediate actions to preserve these habitats and corridors.

Vast areas within Illinois are home to the native plants that monarchs rely upon for sustenance and reproduction. These habitats are increasingly vulnerable to urban expansion, agricultural expansion, and other human activities that fragment and degrade the natural landscapes crucial to monarch survival. Additionally, the well-documented decline in milkweed—the only plant on which monarch larvae feed—is contributing to their population decline.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources take swift and comprehensive action to protect monarch butterfly habitats and migration routes.


Dear Director Finnie,

The monarch butterfly, a symbol of beauty and resilience, is now facing a perilous future due to habitat degradation and migration route disruptions. As concerned global citizens, we urge you to embrace your role in the conservation of this remarkable species.

Illinois stands as a crucial haven for monarchs, hosting critical pathways for their astounding migration. We implore you to recognize the urgency of this situation and enact stringent measures to safeguard these vital habitats and corridors. It is not just the future of a species that hangs in the balance, but the health of ecosystems and the marvel of migration itself.

Monarch butterflies transcend geographical boundaries, inspiring people worldwide with their astonishing journey. Therefore, we earnestly beseech you to transcend borders and work towards the preservation of monarch habitats without delay. Only through a united effort can we ensure that these delicate creatures continue to grace our world for generations to come.


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Photo credit: Skyler Ewing

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