Stop Unchecked Beachgoers to Protect Piping Plovers

Target: Terrence Gray, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Goal: Safeguard and restore the piping plover population by protecting vital beaches.

Rhode Island’s iconic piping plover population is under imminent threat, with their delicate habitats facing degradation and disturbance. These cherished shorebirds, already classified as threatened, are an integral part of Rhode Island’s coastal ecosystem. However, unregulated human activities, habitat destruction, and lack of proper enforcement have pushed these birds closer to the edge of survival.

The piping plovers’ nesting sites are constantly disrupted by unchecked beachgoers, unmonitored construction, and other disturbances. Their once-peaceful habitats are gradually disappearing, and their population decline serves as a stark reminder of a collective failure to protect the natural heritage that defines the state.

Sign the petition below to demand urgent action from Director Gray and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to secure a thriving future for the piping plover population in Rhode Island.


Dear Director Gray,

The urgent need to protect Rhode Island’s piping plover population calls for immediate and resolute action. These exquisite shorebirds are not only a symbol of the coastal beauty, but also an indicator of the health of the environment. However, their future is perilously uncertain due to the unchecked disturbances in their habitats.

The fragile balance that sustains the coastal ecosystems requires the utmost attention and commitment. As Director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, you are uniquely positioned to spearhead the efforts needed to protect these birds and their habitats. We implore you to swiftly implement comprehensive measures that not only safeguard the piping plover population, but also restore their habitats, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

This is a call to action that extends beyond the present moment, reflecting the shared responsibility for the legacy we leave for future generations. Let Rhode Island be known not only for its natural beauty, but also for its unwavering dedication to preserving the irreplaceable treasures that define it.


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  1. Beaches must be closed due to the disrespect beachgoers have toward wildlife. If people can’t behave in a protective manner to help not harm these birds then the beaches must be closed. Ignorance is no excuse but some advertisement might help people understand the plight of this species and then they might be more helpful in giving the space needed to this species. After all the beach was theirs before it was ours.

  2. When did Americans become so stupid?

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