Save Eastern Box Turtles From Crushing Death in Roadways

Target: Rich Negrin, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Goal: Protect and restore the imperiled eastern box turtle population.

Pennsylvania’s eastern box turtle population, a vital component of the state’s biodiversity, is under imminent threat due to habitat loss, road fatalities, and illegal trade. These charming and iconic reptiles play an essential role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, but their numbers are rapidly dwindling.

The urbanization of their natural habitats, deforestation, and development projects have significantly reduced the available spaces for these turtles. Moreover, road mortality poses a severe risk to their survival, as they often fall victim to traffic while crossing roads. Additionally, the illegal pet trade exacerbates the decline, with these turtles being captured and sold as pets, further destabilizing their already fragile populations.

Without swift intervention, the eastern box turtle faces the risk of local extinction, disrupting the balance of the ecosystems and threatening the health of other species that rely on them for food and habitat.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action in support of comprehensive measures to protect and preserve Pennsylvania’s eastern box turtle population.


Dear Secretary Negrin,

The eastern box turtle, an emblem of Pennsylvania’s natural heritage, is on the brink of peril. As the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, you possess the authority and responsibility to take urgent action to safeguard these unique reptiles.

Habitat loss, road fatalities, and the illegal pet trade are ravaging their numbers. We urge you to swiftly implement conservation strategies, including the creation and preservation of suitable habitats, the installation of wildlife crossings to mitigate road mortality, and strict enforcement against the illegal trade.

Your leadership is pivotal in ensuring that future generations can appreciate the eastern box turtle’s presence in our state’s landscapes. We implore you to demonstrate your commitment to the preservation of our natural heritage by taking prompt and resolute action.


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Photo credit: Sarov702


  1. Rosa Ramal says:

    Save the turtles,please!

  2. Ruth Hanrahan says:

    Please be mindful and help the turtles! Stop development and killing the turtles habitat.

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