Save the Eastern Hellbender Salamander From Water Pollution

Target: Mr. David W. Salyers, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Goal: Ensure the survival of the eastern hellbender salamander.

The eastern hellbender salamander, an iconic and ecologically important species endemic to the waters of Tennessee, is under grave threat. Recognized as a biological indicator of healthy aquatic ecosystems, this extraordinary creature also holds cultural significance for local communities. However, its populations are dwindling due to habitat degradation, water pollution, and encroachment. Without prompt intervention, this vital component of Tennessee’s biodiversity may be gone forever.

With its distinctive appearance and critical role in maintaining riverine ecosystems, the eastern hellbender demands immediate attention. Yet, despite its vulnerable status, efforts to protect and conserve this species have been insufficient. The delicate balance of Tennessee’s aquatic ecosystems is at risk, and urgent action is necessary to reverse the decline of the Eastern Hellbender population.

Sign the petition below to demand a robust commitment from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to protect the eastern hellbender salamander and its habitat for current and future generations.


Dear Mr. Salyers,

The eastern hellbender salamander, a unique and captivating inhabitant of Tennessee’s waters, faces an uncertain future. As Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, you hold a pivotal role in preserving the state’s natural heritage.

This remarkable species not only signifies the health of the aquatic ecosystems, but also resonates with local communities. It’s disheartening to witness the decline of these salamanders due to habitat degradation and pollution. We implore you to take decisive action to reverse this alarming trend.

We urge you to allocate resources for scientific research, habitat restoration, and public awareness campaigns that emphasize the importance of protecting the Eastern Hellbender. We also request the implementation of strict regulations to prevent further habitat loss and water contamination.

By taking a stand to safeguard the eastern hellbender, you will not only protect a species, but also demonstrate Tennessee’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the conservation of the natural treasures.


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Photo credit: Andrew Hoffman

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  1. The Hellbender deserves a habitat in order to live and reproduce. We have need of more of them and less humans. The earth is off balance. Too many people and limited nature. Yet this species is one of so many species in need of clean water and habitat. The animals, insects, birds, and bees have been here before humans but they may not be here if humans continue to dominate the species. I thought humans had dominion over species but not domination. There’s a difference.Pollution is killing off many species and the cause is human behavior. You’d think we would come together, get involved, and protect species now before all hell breaks loose. We’re out of time but still people don’t help.

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