Don’t Let Climate Change Kill Off Native Brook Trout

Target: Mr. Christopher Herrick, Commissioner – Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Implement immediate conservation measures to safeguard the native brook trout population in waterways.

Vermont’s pristine waterways have long been home to the native brook trout, a cherished symbol of ecological health and natural beauty. However, the delicate balance of this vital species is under severe threat. Factors such as habitat degradation, climate change, and invasive species have culminated in a sharp decline in the brook trout population. Without swift action, there is a risk of losing not only an iconic species, but also destabilizing entire ecosystems that depend on their presence.

Decades of habitat alteration, including deforestation, water pollution, and sediment runoff, have profoundly impacted the brook trout’s spawning and feeding grounds. These changes disrupt their natural behavior and reproductive cycles, exacerbating their vulnerability. Furthermore, the escalating impacts of climate change are causing warmer temperatures, altered stream flows, and reduced oxygen levels – all detrimental to brook trout survival. Invasive species, like non-native fish and aquatic plants, further crowd out native trout and reduce their access to essential food sources.

Without immediate intervention, Vermont’s native brook trout face an uncertain future. The loss of these iconic fish not only diminishes the cultural and recreational significance of our waterways, but also disrupts the intricate web of life they support. These threats must be addressed to restore the balance of our ecosystems before irreversible damage occurs.

Sign the petition below to demand urgent action from the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife to implement comprehensive conservation strategies and ensure the survival of Vermont’s native brook trout.


Dear Mr. Herrick,

As the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, you hold the key to preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems. The plight of the native brook trout demands your immediate attention and action. These magnificent fish, intertwined with the state’s identity and ecological health, are at a critical crossroads.

The alarming decline of native brook trout is a testament to the impact of habitat degradation, climate change, and invasive species. The rivers and streams that once teemed with these resilient fish are now faltering under human-induced pressures. It’s imperative that we reverse this trend and restore their habitats.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action by implementing comprehensive conservation measures. This includes habitat restoration, water quality improvement, and active management of invasive species. Collaborative efforts among communities, researchers, and organizations are essential to ensure the survival of native brook trout for generations to come.

The time for action is now. Let us not stand by and witness the loss of an integral part of Vermont’s natural heritage. We implore you to lead the charge in conserving the native brook trout and securing the vitality of waterways.


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Photo Credit: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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