Dog Reportedly Strangled to Death by Vengeful Husband Deserves Justice

Target: Joseph A. Brusic, Prosecuting Attorney, Yakima County

Goal: Urgently address case of dog allegedly being hanged from cord as a sadistic threat.

Yakima County recently witnessed a deeply disturbing incident of alleged animal cruelty that demands immediate attention. Anthony Leroy Curtis, a resident of the Toppenish area, has been charged with first-degree animal cruelty and harassment. The charges stem from an incident on August 13 at Curtis’ Germantown Road residence, where he is alleged to have strangled his estranged wife’s dog.

The prosecution’s affidavit details an allegedly unsettling sequence of events. Curtis reportedly used explicit threats, including sending a photograph of the dog hanging from a cord, to manipulate his wife. He allegedly demanded her return, vowing to harm the dog if she refused. Such alleged behavior not only constitutes a grave violation of ethical standards but also casts a shadow on our society’s commitment to empathy and compassion.

It is crucial to recognize that animal cruelty often correlates with further acts of violence and poses a broader threat to the community. Demand action now.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Brusic,

We respectfully petition your esteemed office to take immediate action regarding the recent case of alleged animal cruelty involving Anthony Leroy Curtis. The allegations, as presented, underscore the gravity of the issue and its potential implications for society at large.

The act of alleged animal cruelty, in this instance, involves explicit threats and abusive manipulation. Such alleged behaviors are disturbing not only due to their inherent cruelty but also due to the potential harm they signify, both to animals and potentially to humans. As Curtis has a reported history of assault and reckless endangerment convictions, it is evident that his actions pose a recurring threat to the well-being of individuals and the community.

We urge you to thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding this case, considering not only the alleged harm inflicted upon the innocent animal but also the broader implications for public safety. A comprehensive approach to justice is needed, one that takes into account both the current charges and the potential for recidivism.

By addressing this matter with the seriousness it warrants, you will reaffirm the principles of justice and safeguard the community from potential harm. We beseech your careful consideration in this regard.


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  1. This man is a mentally-deranged sadistic psychopath. What he did to the dog is unspeakable cruelty that must be severely punished with many years behind bars. No animal deserves to undergo such unspeakable torture because of a DEHUMANIZED and DESENSITIZED sadist. This monster must be forbidden from coming near animals ever again. Punishment for animal abuse should be extremely harsh! As it is now, animal-torturers get a slap on the wrist only, and start torturing more animals as soon as they are set free. Animals are like children and shall not be VICTIMS of human DEHUMANIZED MONSTERS!!! LIFE behind bars for this Satan!

  2. Future Serial killer in the making. PLEASE lock this guy up!

  3. Sherry Mainquist says:

    I hope the wife hangs him in the night!!!

  4. Dear Joseph A. Brusic, Prosecuting Attorney, Yakima County, if you need more funding to handle this case just give the perpetrator the same treatment he gave an innocent dog and sell tickets. Many will pay to watch justice served to this sick creep.


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