Dog Allegedly Abused During Walk Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Mark Neufeld, Chief of the Calgary Police Service, Canada

Goal: Demand a thorough investigation into the man who allegedly abused his dog during a walk.

A deeply disturbing case of animal abuse has come to light in Calgary, Canada. Lawrence Chow, a Calgary resident, faces charges of animal abuse after allegedly abusing a dog during a walk in the Inglewood neighborhood. As per reports, the incident not only involves cruelty to animals but also includes threats towards a concerned witness who confronted Chow about his behavior.

The Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Humane Society have taken swift action to address the situation. An initial report about the abuse was made when a witness apparently observed the man abusing a dog. Subsequent investigation led to the identification of the suspect and the removal of a dog named Amber, which was being fostered by the man. Amber reportedly showed signs of injuries consistent with abuse.

This incident raises significant concerns about the well-being of animals in our society. It is imperative that the responsible authorities take immediate and decisive action to ensure justice is served and that animals are protected from such acts of cruelty. Demand immediate action.


Dear Mr. Mark Neufeld,

We write to express our deep concern and outrage regarding the alleged incident of animal abuse in Calgary involving Lawrence Chow. The alleged abuse of a dog and subsequent threats toward a witness are deeply disturbing and unacceptable.

The collaboration between the Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Humane Society in identifying the suspect and removing the dog from his care is commendable. We request that you continue to work diligently to gather all necessary evidence, interview witnesses, and uncover the truth surrounding this incident.

By addressing this case promptly and effectively, you will send a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Calgary or anywhere within Canada. It is essential to demonstrate that the rights and welfare of animals are safeguarded and that those who commit acts of cruelty face appropriate legal consequences.

We, the concerned citizens and advocates for animal rights, entrust you with the responsibility of ensuring justice is served in this case. We demand that you pursue this investigation rigorously and, if the allegations are substantiated, that Lawrence Chow faces the full extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Samson Katt


  1. Yea let the real people handle it ones called animals love cause I’m sure we no how to handle these kinds of creeps cause the courts don’t do there damn jobs good enough 💯

  2. Would love to put a rope around his neck and drag him along the pavement with my truck. Courts don’t give a shit unless one of their family members get the shit kicked out of them

  3. Throw this filthy pos in jail for the rest of his stinking life so he can’t ever hurt another innocent animal. The judicial system is not doing their job, animal abusers deserve a harsh, stiff punishment. They don’t deserve to be in society.

  4. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Lawrence Chow is a piece of slim for abusing Amber. I’m glad she was removed from his custody. He needs to be severely punished and not allowed around animals. I hope Amber recovers and gets justice.

  5. Come on Canada …. We surely arnt as selfish as the Americans!!! Let’s get our shit together Canada!!!

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