Dog Allegedly Beaten and Starved to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. James Ritts, District Attorney of Ontario County, New York, USA

Goal: Ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution for a 12-year-old dog who died due to alleged cruelty.

A case of animal cruelty has emerged in Geneva, New York, involving the alleged abuse and neglect of a 12-year-old dog named Nina. The Ontario Humane Society, in conjunction with the Geneva Police Department, has charged 61-year-old Anthony J. DeMarco and 49-year-old Urania Warona with animal cruelty following their alleged mistreatment of Nina, which potentially led to her tragic demise.

Nina, a mature black and gray mixed breed, allegedly endured severe abuse and neglect in her final days. The Humane Society received a grievous complaint about a residence on Wadsworth Street, Geneva, where witnesses reportedly observed DeMarco yelling at and physically abusing Nina. The distressed canine, reportedly found emaciated and crying in the backyard, allegedly suffered immensely due to the cruel treatment.

Urania Warona, the dog’s owner, was fully aware of Nina’s deteriorating condition for a prolonged period but failed to seek medical attention or provide proper care, as per reports. Despite her responsibility as Nina’s guardian, Warona is accused of not taking the necessary steps to alleviate the suffering inflicted upon the innocent animal.

This disturbing incident seemingly reveals a grave violation of ethical standards and animal welfare laws. The alleged inhumane treatment and neglect suffered by Nina underscore the urgent need for accountability and justice. The cruelty inflicted upon animals is not only morally reprehensible but also a breach of the fundamental duty to protect and care for sentient beings. Demand justice for this innocent dog.


Dear Mr. James Ritts,

We implore you, as the District Attorney of Ontario County, to ensure a comprehensive investigation into the suspicious death of a 12-year-old dog named Nina. The deliberate mistreatment of animals is a grave violation of ethical principles and undermines the societal commitment to animal welfare and we urge you to take steps towards justice for this innocent animal.

Furthermore, we urge you to prosecute Anthony J. DeMarco and Urania Warona, if found guilty, to the fullest extent of the law for their alleged roles in Nina’s suffering and eventual death. Justice must be sought for Nina, whose life was allegedly cut short due to cruelty and neglect for no reason at all.


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Photo credit: Pxfuel


  1. But nothing is ever done until it is too late. Just like in this case with Nina. Witnesses can call, they can complain, but until the law takes this abuse serious, nothing will change with these POS’s. Come on Justice System!! Stop working for the criminals!

  2. THIS HORRIFIC CRAP HAS TO STOP, These sick MONSTERS NEED TO BE OUT OF SOCIETY, it’s effecting way too many ppl when this horrific abuse continues to happen, HARSH PENALTIES FOR THIS HUMAN GARBAGE

  3. This vile pair need torturing to death….SLOWLY. I am so heartbroken for this poor dog I just can’t think of ANYTHING that would be anywhere near an appropriate punishment for what they did to her. RIP Nina….and suffer in Hell Fire for eternity,
    Anthony De Marco and Urania (Urine??) Warona, as I am sure you will…eventually.

  4. Animal Lovers should find these sob in FB and rally in front of their house -you all know what to do next!
    Spread their names and pictures with local specs and rescue group because the chances Anthony De Marco and Urania Warona get their animal from humane society.

    • Agree! Use the power of social media to call these a-holes out! Because of the laws (and lack thereof), the public needs to take the stand FOR the animals. Don’t be afraid! Pam is right- Vigilantism is the only way to deal with this…everywhere!

  5. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Vigilantism is the only way to deal with this. Reporting it to the “authorities” is bull shit. They don’t care.

  6. You POS, pray you are not treated the same way you treated that sweet old furbaby… Karma is a bitch and it always comes back to you… RIP sweet furbaby… I’m sorry you suffered so long at the hands of subhuman slime….

  7. Jim – Please prosecute these fucking assholes to the fullest extent allowed! There is no place in today’s society for ignorant, uneducated people who insist on abusing and/or murdering innocent animals. Anthony and Urania need to be off the streets and behind bars! Please!

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