Dog Allegedly Unable to Walk Due to Extreme Matting Deserves Justice

Target: Ms. Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York, United States

Goal: Advocate for stronger animal welfare laws in New York and raise awareness about the alleged neglect and cruelty inflicted upon a mini poodle.

The SPCA law enforcement division responded to a call about a reportedly neglected mini poodle, allegedly subjected to extreme suffering and mistreatment. The dog was reportedly so matted that it affected its ability to walk. A Putnam man is now facing charges in this case.

Upon arriving at the Patterson home, law enforcement detectives reportedly encountered a 9-year-old mini poodle that was apparently unable to see or walk due to the extreme matting in front of its eyes and extremities. Shockingly, over 8 pounds of feces and urine-soaked matting were reportedly removed from the dog’s body, highlighting the appalling conditions it had seemingly been forced to endure.

The dog is now undergoing care at an animal hospital and is gradually recovering from the trauma it endured. However, the incident underscores the urgent need to address and prevent animal cruelty within our society. Demand action now.


Dear Ms. Kathy Hochul,

We urge you to take action to strengthen animal welfare laws in New York, aiming for comprehensive measures that prevent acts of cruelty in the future. By advocating for stronger regulations and policies, New York can set an example of compassion and justice for all living beings within its jurisdiction.

Furthermore, we implore you to raise awareness about the alleged neglect and cruelty inflicted upon the mini poodle. While governors may not have direct influence over individual criminal cases, they possess the power to drive meaningful change in animal welfare at a broader level.

The incident involving the mini poodle underscores the pressing need to address animal cruelty in our society. By prioritizing the enhancement of animal welfare laws, you can create a safer and more compassionate environment for animals in New York.


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  1. I swear some people just obtain an animal in order to torture it and sadistically enjoy watching it suffer. Clearly, the nameless cretin who allowed this little dog to suffer so much should be tortured in the same way. Shut in a small cell and smeared with his own excrement, eyes and all, adding to it each day so he could no longer see, hear or move. Make him suffer in silence for years, like this innocent little dog did. Thank God he was rescued and will hopefully have a loving home. Another case for the would-be vigilantes to deal with. The time MUST come when the Animal Rights movement will take the law in to their own hands and deal with these bastards and they certainly have my wholehearted support….

  2. Until these individuals are dealt with swiftly and harshly and held up as examples for all to see and to understand that if they abuse the weak they will be held accountable

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