Horses and Dogs Reportedly Found Dead and “Skeletonized” Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Greg Willis, District Attorney of Collin County, Texas, United States

Goal: Pursue maximum penalties in the case of alleged animal cruelty involving 12 horses and 24 dogs found dead on a property.

A disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty has come to light in Westminster, Texas. A 22-year-old woman, Rachel Sword, has been arrested on felony animal cruelty charges after authorities reportedly discovered 12 horses and 24 dogs dead on her property. The condition in which the animals were reportedly found, ranging from completely skeletonized to partially skeletonized, indicates a prolonged period of suffering and neglect.

Sword faces charges for cruelty to non-livestock animals, a third-degree felony, and cruelty to livestock animals/abuse, a state jail felony. The horses and dogs were under Sword’s care on the property owned by her grandparents, who believed she was tending to the animals.

The tragic circumstances surrounding the deaths of these innocent creatures have deeply shaken the community and raised concerns about the lack of proper animal welfare measures and enforcement in the region. It is imperative that justice is served for the lives lost, and stringent action is taken against those responsible for the cruelty and neglect. Demand action now.


Dear Mr. Greg Willis,

We are writing to express our profound shock and outrage regarding the recent incident of animal cruelty in Westminster, Texas. The discovery of 12 horses and 24 dogs reportedly found dead on a property demands urgent attention and decisive action to hold the responsible party accountable for their heinous actions.

The allegedly prolonged suffering endured by the horses and dogs on the property reflects a gross violation of ethical principles and animal welfare standards. We demand that you work tirelessly to seek justice for these lives lost and send a strong message that acts of animal cruelty will not be tolerated in our community.

Furthermore, we call upon you to work towards strengthening animal welfare laws and enforcement measures in Collin County. By ensuring comprehensive protection for animals and strict consequences for perpetrators of cruelty, we can prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

The community is looking to you to act as a stalwart advocate for justice and the welfare of animals. Pursuing justice in this case will demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of all living beings, including our innocent and vulnerable animal companions.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. These cases of vile humans starving/torturing animals just go on and on and on…a clear indication that the paltry fines/jail sentences that are handed out to these evil scum are not a deterrent and never will be.They are laughable and the idiots who hand them out know this and do nothing …they are as bad as the animal abusers themselves. I can only repeat vigilantes, dark alley, baseball bat or whatever weapon comes to hand and sort these bastards out once and for all. It will come to that eventually because we are all so sick of signing petitions in an attempt to get justice for animals.

  2. I guess everyone will say these damn people have a mental illness for killing all these poor Animals

  3. Twenty two is young but old enough to know right from wrong. This young woman has these animals, was aware of that fact, yet allowed them to starve to death. Starving is a horrible, slow, and extremely hurtful way to die. She must know she wants to eat, gets hungry, enjoys food, so why would these animals she placed on her property be different? Unlike hers3elf the animals couldn’t make a quick trip to Mc Donals to order something to eat. These horses and dogs could not escape. I also question the grand parents as well in that they knew of the animals yet did not speak to their welfare? Years in prison for this woman and fines of maximal amount for the grand parents should be the result. Laws must be harsh enough to stop this carefree behavior with the lives of other living beings.

  4. How does a 22 y/o end up with 12 horses and 24 dogs? Did she steal them?

  5. Rot in prison even though you should be treated the same way you are not even worth being called a human

  6. these sick POS garbage monsters need to be taken out of our society for good, this is effecting way too many other ppl to allow these horrific crimes to keep happening, HARSH PENALTIES. NO MORE EXCUSES…

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