Don’t Euthanize Innocent Dingoes Because of Reckless Tourists

Target:  Leanne Linard, Minister for the Environment of Queensland

Goal: Punish tourists who ignore advisories and break laws meant to protect wildlife.

Once again, the careless behavior of tourists is putting already-endangered wildlife at further risk. The Australian region of K’gari recently euthanized two members of its prized dingo population after the animals were deemed responsible for several attacks on humans. These animals represented a full one percent of the region’s dwindling dingo population. A cull several years back had also depleted the animals’ numbers. Locals are firmly against calls for another cull after the latest incidents, and many don’t blame the dingoes. They lay the blame squarely at the feet of reckless humans.

K’gari’s (also known as Fraser Island) designation as a World Heritage Site has drawn increased numbers of tourists, who often come to see unique wildlife like the dingo. The problem: they do not stop at simply viewing and appreciating. Despite warnings posted everywhere around the island (and in travel materials), tourists who are traveling independent of tour groups still routinely approach the animals, feed them, and try to get selfies with them. Fines for such actions are in place, but they have done little to deter the bad behavior.

Such habituation is dangerous because it makes wildlife less fearful of humans and encourages their approach and interactions. When these interactions turn harmful, it is too often the wildlife who are in their natural element that pay the price. One local animal behaviorist spoke for a sizeable percentage of native inhabitants: “we don’t have a dingo problem on the island; we have a people problem.”

Unfortunately, in the absence of more stringent regulations and enforcement of these regulations, the problem will only persist and worsen. Sign the petition below to urge local officials to implement better safeguards that can protect both visitors and precious wildlife.


Dear Minister Linard,

K’gari wouldn’t be K’gari without dingoes.” This statement from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s senior ranger represents the likely view of the majority of the island’s inhabitants. Euthanizing and culling these cherished animals because of bad behaviors exhibited by humans is wrong both morally and ecologically. Conservation is supposed to be the objective, but it can never truly occur without a direct intervention on the root cause of recent dingo attacks: human beings.

You answered “perhaps” on the question of whether more could be done. Willful disobedience and flagrant flaunting of laws cannot be met with a meager fine and nothing else. This approach has obviously not worked. Vehicle and park permits can be revoked, zero-tolerance policies implemented and enforced, independent touring restricted, and—if necessary—jail time given.

It is far past time to stop giving careless people passes for their destructive actions at the ultimate expense of innocent wildlife whose homes and natural lives are routinely disturbed and disrupted through no fault of their own. Please transform that “perhaps” into a decisive “yes,” and back it with a concrete plan of action that emphasizes the welfare of these irreplaceable living beings.


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Photo Credit: Partner Hund


  1. All countries need to make a stand against bad tourism. Tourists feel free to act however they want wherever they want and animals are paying for this entitled mindset with their lives. Stand up for your animals, make people pay big fines for this obnoxious and reckless behavior and add a 10 year travel ban from your country.

  2. I have a better idea…why don’t they cull the bloody idiot tourists who try to have selfies with the dingoes and put signs up to that effect, instead of warnings which these people clearly don’t have the brain to understand. How can the authorities even THINK of culling dingoes because of these cretins?? Australia is destroying it’s unique wildlife as fast as it can without these morons encouraging more killing. Pity it can’t destroy it’s uniquely braindead tourist population. If people are attacked by dingoes it’s THEIR fault and no-one elses’ and it’s a pity the dingoes have to pay the price with their lives. I can think of many a member of the human race who should be culled. If we start with animal abusers and paedophiles that should cut the world population down considerably and do the rest of us a favour….

  3. Torah Wolf says:

    Many people especially, bad ones children of the devil I call them always want to find a quick way to dispose of things they don’t like especially, animals which are not things animals are mammals just like us and have feelings and should be treated with care in the Bible it states that we are to be stewards for God’s creation because that is what they are and that is what we are all God’s creations not things not objects like a piece of furniture or a cup.

    I am so glad that my heavenly father is watching and judgment soon comes to all especially, those who turn away from Him and choose to do evil. They will be cast into the lake of fire after judgment in the end along with Satan and turn to ashes from within. 😧


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