Bolster Bird Rescue Efforts to Prevent Unnecessary Deaths

Target: Bhupender Yadav, Minister of India’s Ministry for Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Goal: Advocate for increased funding of wildlife rescue facilities to save lives.

Demonstrating how just a few committed individuals can enact change, a pair of brothers in India saw a problem and took the initiative to fix it. After laboring to rescue an injured wild bird, they realized just how many members of the avian population fell victim to all manner of threats, from poison to power wires. In response, they began their own avian ambulance service dedicated to the rescue of these animals. Now, their service is hundreds of members strong and helps save dozens of birds from injury or death every day.

These brothers have also become advocates for even larger reform. When they took injured birds to clinics operated by the government, they noted a disheartening lack of space, resources, and funding. They are now campaigning for more investment in enhanced facilities to provide needed aid for these at-risk wildlife.

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Dear Minister Yadav,

The Vidyasagar Jeev Daya Parivar Trust has established itself as a leading avian and wildlife rescue organization within India’s capital. The good work of these citizens saves many living beings on a daily basis, but they urgently need your assistance. Government-run animal rescue clinics are experiencing a crisis in funding, expansion, and vital resources.

Imagine how many more lives could be saved with a committed investment into improving these facilities and helping them fulfill their potential as agents for change. Please invest for the sake of all this nation’s awe-inspiring wildlife.


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Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. India could afford to lose people and save more wildlife and animals. Respectfully people are important but also are other living beings. It appears India is a disaster when it comes to animals and wildlife which is so needed to contend with the climate crises as we won’t make it through without them. Nature will not be denied. People will suffer and die in these harsh times, or they could be part of an assistance to wildlife. Every country lies about their treatment of animals but we must work for better understand and better results in the face of climate .

  2. I do salute these two brothers for all the miracles they have accomplished. Thank you and blessings to you. We need millions more like them!!!

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