Stop the Cruel Exploitation of Wolfdogs for Profit

Target: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Restrict breeding of wolfdogs prone to illness, abandonment, and euthanasia.

An abandoned Rhode Island wolfdog’s quest for a new home reignited the debate about ownership and care for these animals, who are typically hybrids of wolves and domesticated dogs. Several states ban having a wolfdog as a pet or put restrictions on the practice. Reasons cited include the presumed aggressive nature of these animals and the special enhanced care they require. But these regulations do not truly get at the heart of the problem: the intentional breeding of these beautiful animals for profit.

Mating between wolves and dogs in the wild is uncommon, so most wolfdog breeds were created by human design. Some were bred for work purposes, while others were bred just for the aesthetic. The result: inexperienced would-be owners are attracted by the exotic and wild look of these animals and purchase them. But once they realize the intensive care (special diets and exercise routines) and space wolfdogs require, as well as possible difficulties in training them, the pet parents abandon or even euthanize their new pets. This tragic fate befalls thousands of wolfdogs every year. Further, evidence suggests that the breeding process may leave wolfdogs vulnerable to certain health conditions affecting key areas like the thyroid and the heart.

Sign the petition below to urge enhanced safeguards against exploitative wolfdog breeding that is putting countless animals at risk from the day they are born.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Targeted animal cross-breeding conducted by humans has become an increasingly dangerous game of who can create the most exotic creature. While breeders reap the profits, the animals ultimately pay the price. The wolfdog controversy is the strongest evidence of this unfortunate result.

These animals have been born with health ailments because of their chromosomal abnormalities, abandoned due to their high energy and high-care needs, and even euthanized because the human beings who created them ultimately cannot handle them. They are yet another humanity vanity project discarded when reality crashes into expectation. They deserve better.

The patchwork of ownership regulations and restrictions that constitutes American law is not enough. We ask that you, as the leader of the agency tasked with the welfare of animals, give these dogs needed protections and the safeguards against irresponsible breeding.


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  1. Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

    Restrict breeding of wolfdogs prone to illness, abandonment, and euthanasia.

    Keep your filthy hands off our precious wildlife. You have no right to destroy them. I hope you all are charged with animal cruelty and thrown in jail and let the inmates put you out of your evil hateful misery.

    Just another example of the idiocy of humanity, the stupidity and ARROGANCE to think they can improve dogs OR wolves??? I’m ashamed to be a member of the “human”species!!

    I agree with all the comments.

  2. Why humans we are so cruel and despicable with other living beings if they have the same right to be alive like us??? We need to respect them the same way as we like to be respected

  3. Dear Secretary Vilsack,
    I support this Petition and where as you are the leader of the agency tasked with the welfare of animals, I ask that you look into this issue and provide the needed laws for these dogs to protect them from irresponsible people and breeding.

  4. These so- called breeders need burning out of their homes or houses or wherever the bastards live!
    I mean, why do they think they have the right to interfere with nature.
    But it makes money for them when the ‘no- brain’- numbscull idiots purchase them when they are puppies for a silly high price I would think, and then cannot look after them because the dozy bastards forgot that there is half a wild wolf living in the house with them!!
    Just cannot imagine that a supposedly normal thinking human being could be so bloody stupid!
    But no matter; we can have it euthanised. Posh word isn’t it? Killed or murdered Is what they really mean and the next day it is out of their lives and no worries.
    Fuck the wolf dog, but no problem we can always get another puppy if we want!
    These are the bastards who need some sense beating into them plus the arrogant nasty fuckers who breed them.
    The powers to be should be getting off of their arses and putting a stop to this atrocity.
    These type of humans are the arseholes that should be exterminated and any other bastard using animals for monetary gain!
    Again I say, absolute power to any groups or animal activists who can find some way to address this sick practice and maybe take some of these ‘non- caring shitbags who do this out of our world.
    These tossers we sure do not need.

    • Sorry if I am going off the main subject here but being a ‘dog’ person need to relay my anger!
      In June this year, in Yulin ( China) these ‘sickko’s host what they call the yearly Dog Meat festival.
      What these bastard Chinese should call it is a ‘dog slaughtering, torturing and killing festival’ as this is what these loathsome sods do!!
      Thousands of dogs and stolen, captured off the streets, and even bred over the year to support this so-called ‘bastard’ festival. Festival sounds good though yes? Except it is a bloodbath of torture hiding behind this innocent name!
      No festival for the doomed animals though as they are mutilated and torturously killed in front of other dogs, sickeningly awaiting their turn!
      Chained up by one back leg from a tree branch ( agony enough on it‘s own) Then skinned alive and if this was not enough, beaten with heavy pieces of wood throughout.
      This is supposed to make the animal in it’s agony release pheromones or suchlike which apparently makes the meat more tender and taste better! Stupid pricks. Just an excuse for these ‘ psychos’ to torture and maim as this is what they enjoy.
      Even the bloody emperor or Chairman condones this treatment so what chance do the animals have — none!!
      If you maybe search enough in utube or similar if you have the stomach for it, you will get some idea what these bastard ‘Chinks’ ( no apologies as this is what I think of them) do to these innocent animals!!
      If anyone feels as strongly about this massacre as I do, then please visit ‘In defence of animals’ where you should be able to sign a petition letter.

      President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang need to be pressured over these atrocities. They are supposed to run a civilised country!
      Right now I cannot find any contact address’s but am not a wizard on the computer.
      Sorry if anyone thinks I have overstepped the mark by submitting this to the regular site although I can only assume that many others feel the same as I.
      Thank you – Jon White.

  5. Leave the wild animals alone as soon as humans get involved everything just totally falls apart – once again you ignorant f*ckers have no idea about the wolves and they are just not wolf dogs – they are wolves so leave them as they are and stay the hell out of something else that you know f*ck all about. Again the animals suffers at the hands of man and the animals are left with the breeding problems from the stupid god damn humans. Stay the hell out of things that have nothing what-so-ever to do with you.

  6. Mary young says:

    They put the owner and breeder to sleep

  7. Mary young says:

    I agree they need to put the owners and all breeders to sleep

  8. How about educate yourselves on wolfdogs before spewing out your hateful, ignorance, and fear mongering. Wolfdogs aren’t wild, aggressive, dangerous, confused, or unpredictable. They are shy, loving, intelligent, high maintenance , and goofy. Not for everyone, but there’s many breeds out there that aren’t for everyone. Wolfdogs are domestic dogs, bred to other wolfdogs, no one is taking wild wolves and breeding them to dogs.
    There’s many ethical breeders and wolfdogs in loving homes. Backyard breeders are the problem, as they are for all dog breeds.
    Shame on you for putting wolfdogs and their owners in danger with your nonsense.

  9. Dear everyone,
    This petition is not warranted. Although all breeds of canine are prone to disease, Wolfdogs are not specifically prone to the ones mentioned. They are not pets but wonder companion animals, not for everyone as they are a lifestyle. 1000’s of us chose to live this amazing lifestyle with our best friend “the wolfdog” please educate yourself before trying to ban ethical breeding. All breeds have unethical backyard breeders that should be addressed, however singling out one specific type of domestic canine is wrong.
    Guardians of the Wolves

  10. Crystal Wagoner says:

    I do not support this petition!! I think there’s a huge problem amongst ALL breeds of dogs. Wolfdogs are domesticated dogs per the USDA. Much like Bengal cats, wolfdogs are productions of other wolfdogs. People are not capturing wild wolves to breed to domestic dogs, that would be considered a Hybrid. If the FDA would invest in further testing for the rabies vaccine they would see these vaccines are protecting these animals. That’s because they are domestic animals. Someone’s family companion. These dogs aren’t for everyone, educating an connecting with a responsible breeder who tests for health issues and is responsibly working on maintaining these animals is key. These animals are loving companions, who are shy and timid. Not aggressive to others. There are backyard breeders just like ANY breed of dog. I think you should focus on preventing the many back yard breeders and puppy mills of ALL breeds, instead of focusing on eliminating wolfdogs. Educate yourself, their are dog breeds today that actively have wolf DNA and your not even aware because of pure ignorance and lack of knowledge. These breeds are AKC registered establishments breeds. Why do these animals have wolf DNA?? Because the parents all carry it so it’s not being eliminated. It’s wolfdogs breeding with wolfdogs. Would you do this to all the pitbull type breeds? Would you do this to all proven aggressive breeds?? Use common sense. There are irresponsible, back yard breeders in every breed. Open your eyes. These dogs haven’t done anything to anyone. Most of the issues come from lower content animals because of all the different breeds of dogs mixed in that already have temperament and behavioral issues. Please do not support this bill.

    Wolfdog advocate 🐺🐾

  11. At present, we must ensure WOLFDOGS receive love & care — BUT, the breeding MUST STOP — crack down hard on Breeders, who only care about financial gain — STOP the cruel & obscene treatment of Wolfdogs.

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