Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Target: District Attorney of Fayette County, Tennessee Mark E. Davidson

Goal: Prosecute former animal control employee who allegedly starved animals to death.

A former Fayette County Animal Control employee named Chad Smith was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty after officers claimed they found numerous deceased dogs in his backyard. Smith needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if it is found that any animals died due to his actions.

Investigators determined that the dogs starved to death after landscapers reported seeing bones, carcasses, and kennels scattered around Smith’s property. Six dogs were said to be found alive, but they may have been subjected to the same unacceptable conditions if law enforcement had not intervened.

Sign this petition to demand Smith be held accountable for his actions and to further demand that he be banned from working with animals in the future if he is found guilty of such horrific abuse.


Dear District Attorney Davidson,

Chad Smith was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty after it was alleged by officers that he did not provide dozens of dogs with food or water. Smith is a former animal control employee and should be sent to prison and not be legally allowed to work in any field that involves caring for animals if these allegations are found to be true.

The dead dogs were reportedly found in Smith’s backyard after landscapers said they saw many kennels, carcasses, and bones on his property. There were also six other dogs that were allegedly found alive in the same vicinity. However, they may have died of malnourishment if the incident had not been investigated. I therefore demand that Smith be given the harshest legal penalty and that he further no longer be allowed to work with animals if he is found guilty of these heartless actions so other similar incidents will be less likely to occur.


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Photo Credit: Sonia Sevilla


  1. Hailey Welch says:

    Poor innocent souls.

  2. This is sickening and deplorable. This lowlife loser deliberately did this and is a depraved sociopath. How long until he’s looking for ways to inflict pain and harm on humans? He had a job in animal control, he knows the laws, he knows how horrible people are to animals and then he does this? No, he should get no mercy at all; jail, fines, lifetime ban on animal contact and never allowed to work in the public sector again.

  3. Chad Smith is a FAKE. Significant jail time for him and never to allow him near any animals again!

  4. Sherry Mainquist says:

    This pos needs jail for a long time for what he did to those innocent animals!!! RIP SWEET PUPPERS..

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