Emaciated Deceased Dog Dumped in Ditch Deserves Justice

Target: Macon County Sheriff Jim Root
Goal: Find person responsible for deceased emaciated dog who was dumped in ditch.

The images of a severely emaciated deceased dog caged in its crate and dumped in a ditch are shocking. Authorities were called out to Sawyer Road in Decatur, Illinois when they received reports of this horrific crime scene.

Upon arrival at the scene, agents from the Macon County Animal Control and Care Center were greeted with a truly tragic scene. A brindled larger breed dog (as of yet, unidentified) was found severely emaciated and malnourished. The poor animal was found dead and locked up it a crate, tossed on its side in a ditch.

Officials have not yet determined the dog’s cause of death or the owner’s identity.


Dear Sheriff Root,

The images of a severely emaciated deceased dog caged in its crate and dumped in a ditch are heart breaking. When agents from the Macon County Animal Control and Care Center arrived at the incident, they were greeted with a gruesome and tragic scene.

A brindled larger breed dog (as of yet, unidentified) was found severely emaciated and malnourished. The poor animal was found dead and locked up it a crate, tossed on its side in a ditch.

Reports indicate that your office is investigating this incident but that no suspects have been publicly identified as of yet. Please devote all resources necessary to find and capture the person responsible for this heinous act.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Justin Phillips


  1. Lisa Boudell says:

    We must stand up for the animals.in our community. The laws need to change.

    • They never will. We’re now letting people steal $1000.00 from stores with no consequences . Do you think people really care about animal laws. No in the least

      • Sadly, you are absolutely right. And not only do they not care about animal laws, when they bother to have them, they don’t enforce them. Personally, I believe this lack of regard for ANY life is why we have worse brutality today against people too (guns, police, etc.), but frankly, I don’t care what happens to people because we should be smart enough to do what is right and we DON’T. So I only care about the innocent and the helpless ones now.
        And the only real justice they will ever get is vigilante justice – quietly go after the perpetrators and give them what they deserve and shut up about it.

        • I agree with ABS314. The lack of regard is why we have brutality today more & more. Animals depend on humans, and to torture & kill the the innocents, especially in this brutal manner of starvation and torture, is the worst. If there are cameras around, FIND this monster, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law — and STRENGTHEN laws, as a deterrent. Fingerprints, DNA — find him & prosecute

    • Shelly Blazich says:


    • There are cameras everywhere. Please utilize the businesses and or homes in the area that the dog was left in. Someone saw something.

  2. Evelyn Ball says:

    Find the piece of shit and lock him in a cage, let his or her starve to death.

  3. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Sheriff Root,
    Please do your utmost to find that despicable ill-born person and lock him up for a good 10 years with no parole for good conduct and also a 10,000 dollar fine – don’t let him/her get away with murder!
    Thank you!

  4. Robert Brossard says:

    That’s just horrible – whoever is responsible for that crime should be deprived of liberty for a good number of years!

    • No I do not agree.
      This bastard should be derived of his liberty right enough by being beaten to a pulp by an animal activist group or suchlike, who would then hopefully disappear with no remorse.
      Tossers like this have no business on this planet!
      And the sooner this happens the better for all animals everywhere.
      Kill him-well yes but somewhat hard for a normal human being to do no matter what has happened.
      But with a angry mob all in the same mind, well yes, it could easily happen if fired up enough.
      If you read this just watch your back you bastard and be very afraid. Someone or some group could be watching you right now you prick so you need to beware!!

  5. Ines Gjurinovic says:

    And what if that person is sent to a gas chamber or an electric chair?

    • Better to use the electricity to power your new car than waste it on this POS with a quick and easy death.
      He should suffer like that poor dog suffered.
      And what makes you even think any court would give this garbage a death senctence? They barely get a slap on the wrist!

      • Shoshannah Tempest says:

        I weep for these situations , but I am also filled with rage…I agree with the comments I see here…the time is soon upon us to avenge this disgrace .

  6. Maria X. Carbonell says:

    Dear Sheriff Root,
    Whatever sentence you impose on the sadist responsible for that crime, please take into consideration the suffering and torture that poor dog went through at the hands of that perverse criminal.
    Thank you!

    • Yes, the absolute cruelty of making a dog suffer and go through the *intentional* torture of wasting away inside of a cage – AND THEN to be discarded like trash!

      This poor creature deserves justice for his/her torture and suffering and the abuser(s) MUST be held accountable!

  7. That’s why I respect animals more than people!!!! Cowardly lowlife POS to do something like this!! Poor dog!! I can’t imagine what it went through!

  8. fingers prints on the the crate PLEASEfind this peace of shit!

  9. Debra Gaddy says:

    This is truly sad and hurtful. To do an animal like that is bad. The person or persons who did this should be charged with cruelty to an animal. I am in tears thinking about that poor dog. May he or she RIP! No more pain little one. Please find out who did this horrific thing to that precious animal!

  10. Τhe owner should be sodomized, publicly!!

  11. I always wonder why neighbours don’t step forward and even an anonymous phone call to say something would help stop this. Now that another innocent life has been snuffed out horrifically, look around you people. What happened to the pup your neighbour got?? Someone knows something. Step up and help catch this POS.

    • Stilyn Designs says:

      I called animal control on my neighbor who left his dog out on the porch on a 113 degree day in the middle of a Nevada summer & he’s been trying to get me evicted ever since. The dog did survive & has since had a litter of puppies at only a year old.. but that’s another story. She stays locked in the cage inside all day. Animal control doesn’t care either. It took them 26 hours to come out when I called, but this moron called to be spiteful & said I left my dog tied to a tree outside (not true) and they showed up IMMEDIATELY. This is how twisted the “law” is. Nothing will ever change bc of people like my neighbor.

  12. keith Crane says:

    Catch the perp and do this to them

  13. This non caring sadistic bastard really needs teaching a very severe lesson.
    I know that I keep saying ‘vigilante’ groups to the fore and any animal activist groups or fired up mobs in fact all with the same mind. And that would be to beat this arrogant fucker to death with no remorse! Or at least cripple the turd so he would remember what he had done for the rest of his miserable life!
    All animals have rights but unfortunately cannot speak up for themselves and have to accept being treated like shit by any bastard ‘so-called human who takes pleasure in inflicting pain and trauma whenever they feel like it.
    Most of these sick minded bastards cannot ‘ get it up’ or no doubt have a minuscule ‘dick’ so have to take out their frustrations on innocent animals instead of normal humans who would I expect, fight back!!
    If you read this you sick fucker, you should be very afraid as I almost guarantee you will need eyes in the back of your fucking head you prick!
    Power to anyone who can muster up a ‘gang’ to hopefully despatch this shitbag
    and give him what he deserves.
    I say again, the useless laws and even more useless fucking waste of time Judges will do nothing.
    Someone must know where this twat lives and where he goes at night times.
    The only time this bastard would be any use to anyone would be when the fucker was ‘dead’.
    Watch your back you fucking ponce. Your demise may be coming quicker than you think!!

  14. When you find out who did this, do the same to them. RIP poor pup you didn’t deserve to die like this

  15. Start enforcing animal laws, I am SO sick and tired of law enforcement not enforcing these laws or judges giving the offender a slap on the wrist ( BullSh*T) !!! Catch whoever did this and hold them accountable to the fullest degree of the law.

  16. I strongly agree that an eye for an eye would be the best punishment. People who throw fur babies out of high rise buildings deserve the same! In this case, the monster deserves to be locked in a crate and left outside in the frigid cold weather!

  17. Hope I never see someone doing this, because shit will hit the fan.

  18. Find the scumbag POS that did this and put them behind bars!

  19. I am so, so, SO TIRED of waking up to another horror story of humans failing animals. The hurt never gets easier & I constantly cry for those who are tortured, starved, abused or maimed by the real animals… humans.
    We need stronger laws for animals in this country the same way we so desperately need police reform. We are the people. We are the masses & WE need to demand change.

  20. All scumbag, vile animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

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