3 Dogs Reportedly Killed in Home Invasion Deserve Justice

Target: Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón
Goal: Seek maximum punishment for man accused of killing three dogs with knife during burglary.

A home intruder with a knife has reportedly killed three dogs that tried to defend their home. The man accused of this heinous act is apparently a relative of the owners of the home in the Sun Valley community of Los Angeles.

Local news media captured video of the suspect being taken into custody. Blood apparently from the dead dogs could be easily seen in the recording.

Breaking into a home and killing three innocent dogs simply for trying to defend themselves and their family is a serious crime. The man accused of this act must face a stiff penalty if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Gascón,

Three dogs were apparently killed by a home intruder with a knife in the Sun Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles. The man accused of this heinous act is apparently a relative of the owners of the home and killed the dogs when they tried to defend themselves and their family.

Local news media recordings appears to show blood splattered across the property from where the man killed the dogs with his knife.

Breaking into a home and killing three innocent dogs simply for trying to defend themselves and their family is a serious crime. The man accused of this crime must face a stiff penalty if found guilty. Please seek the maximum penalty in this case.

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Photo credit: DMCA


  1. This horrid event happened in California so possibly this man will indeed receive the force of the law. So many of these criminals walk away due to judges not taking the death of an animal seriously. This man killed three dogs for malice. I hope there is a court case, a jury, and a judge which will legally put this man away for a very long time. How someone could do something so despicable is beyond me. I feel this needs to be seen as murder in the first degree but since each state has its’ own laws too many criminals are not punished. This action may happen to a child or another person if this man walks free. I hope the judge realizes that fact and will sentence harshly. I feel sorry for the owners of the house and I am sorry for their loss. my heart goes out to them.

  2. Laura Rolder says:

    Another worthless human being. He should be locked away for the maximum time for each dog he murdered. This is a felony and we need to take these Monsters and do away with them and have Justice for the innocent lives that were take

  3. Don’t even waste taxpayers money by putting this excuse for a man in jail. I’m sure there would be plenty of people out there who would be happy to get rid of him with a good sharp knife….

  4. this subhuman needs to be stabbed to death. I hope the family members seek justice for their pets. Gascon is a joke of a prosecutor. He won’t prosecute people that kill others so doubt he will do anything about this.

  5. consecutive sentence for each dog

  6. Worthless POS!
    If only

  7. This subhuman should be jailed for a long time – he is definitely a menace to society – if he can do this to three innocent animals, whats to stop this POS from doing it to a human. We need stronger laws for our fur-babies. This asshold should be in jail already.

  8. Let’s take a knife to his throat!!!

  9. Andrew Wells says:

    Hang him!

  10. This worthless piece of shit needs to suffer the pain he inflicted on theses innocent pups! They had to suffer some bad pain. Maybe if he gets nothing a good citizen will finish him off!

  11. I hope this monster gets stabbed to death in prison and burn in hell! Justice for loving furbabies trying to protect their home.

  12. Death is too good for these monsters. Put them away in solitary confinement without food, water, or toilets.

  13. Janette+Lands says:

    I’d like to see those three bullets in his body.

  14. California justice system will let this subhuman go free.

  15. Life in prison. Solitary confinement!

  16. Craig Mcewen says:

    We need stricter laws and penalties for animals abusers no more slap on the wrists. 5 year sentences for each dog he murdered 15 years total and put his name and picture in the newspaper of ever city in California!!! California is a disgrace to are country a very wicked state. This doesn’t apply to everyone. I know there are people thath love animals there to. God bless you and thank you for standing for these gifts from God. California needs jesus open your heart and make him savior and lord today!!!

    • You are a CONservative pos clown.STFU and stop making me laugh.RED STATES ARE THE WORST when it comes to animal abuse.

    • And you might want to do some research on who turned law around when it came to crush videos and dog fighting videos.CONservative trash who said it is a persons right to watch dog fighting video and the crush videos where women crush kittens to kill them with thier heels. CONservatives are DEVILS.

  17. Please let their be justice for these poor dogs. Whoever is responsible must be put in jail.

  18. Sure would be a shame if something horrible were to happen to him…

  19. This monster deserves to be stabbed to death! Those poor dogs need justice.

  20. Consecutive sentences for each life he took. If there had been no brave dogs defending their home and people I’ll bet there would have been a dead person. Please see he goes before a judge who is an animal lover

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