Strangled Puppies Found Hanging From Tree Deserve Justice

Target: SH. Abdul Aleem, Director of Prosecution for New Delhi, India

Goal: Prosecute person or persons responsible for strangling and hanging puppies to fullest extent.

Heinous cruelty against stray animals is unfortunately not a new phenomenon, and this type of crime took a new and dark turn recently in India’s capital city. A woman who dedicated her free time to feeding the area’s stray animals made a horrific discovery in a vacant lot. Two puppies, reportedly just three months old, were found hanging from a tree. An examination revealed that the young animals may have been strangled to death.

The vulnerable puppies were apparently left alone while their mother was temporarily taken away to undergo sterilization. Other puppies in the litter fortunately survived and are now receiving care. Their siblings deserve the full measure of justice, however.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum allowable penalty when a suspect is apprehended.


Dear SH. Aleem,

The brutal slaying of two innocent puppies shook the Dwarka community and led to calls for justice from high levels of government. In response, a filing has been made by authorities under IPC Section 429. This law allows for up to five years of imprisonment for the killing or maiming of an animal.

These young animals were killed in a violent, deliberate, and torturous manner that likely made the last few moments of their short lives agony. If any case demands the most severe penalty, this horrible incident surely meets the criteria. Please ensure vigorous prosecution when an arrest is made.


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Photo Credit: Beta Xalfa


  1. Lawrence Holtzman says:

    I was always felt that the Indian culture was not as mentally ill as most Americans. How wrong am I . Sick motherfuckers!!!

  2. Joshua Wright says:

    There’s never an excuse for animal abuse!

  3. Don’t reason with people who thinks Animal Abuse is fine, these people r wrong…wrong….

  4. Sadly the Indian culture was once great in wisdom. Many holy people came from India and many are still there. I had respect for the special animals in India which are considered sacred. This sadly doesn’t include dogs or cats. It is perfectly alright to beat a dog to death in the street while everyone is watching. Women do it everyday. Why this hatred for dogs? I can’t say. This is also the same for forging elephants. Since India became Westernized they have become more like us than their great teachers. It’s a shame that modernization has to result in this low life approach to other creations of nature. These dogs died for nothing and they died in vain as nothing will ever be done to correct this mentality.

  5. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    scum must be eliminated.
    these murderers are dirt and this dirt has to go. free our wonderful earth from this special waste…

  6. Find the IDIOTS & throw them in jail & throw away the key — Animals are LIVING BEINGS — Killer-IDIOTS are mentally unstable & dangerous to society — do NOT let them get away with horrific torment & death — Psychos WILL repeat if NOT stopped — think of the torment, suffering of vulnerable Puppies — it is WRONG to abuse and kill Animals.


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