Strangled Puppies Found Hanging From Tree Deserve Justice

Target: SH. Abdul Aleem, Director of Prosecution for New Delhi, India

Goal: Prosecute person or persons responsible for strangling and hanging puppies to fullest extent.

Heinous cruelty against stray animals is unfortunately not a new phenomenon, and this type of crime took a new and dark turn recently in India’s capital city. A woman who dedicated her free time to feeding the area’s stray animals made a horrific discovery in a vacant lot. Two puppies, reportedly just three months old, were found hanging from a tree. An examination revealed that the young animals may have been strangled to death.

The vulnerable puppies were apparently left alone while their mother was temporarily taken away to undergo sterilization. Other puppies in the litter fortunately survived and are now receiving care. Their siblings deserve the full measure of justice, however.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum allowable penalty when a suspect is apprehended.


Dear SH. Aleem,

The brutal slaying of two innocent puppies shook the Dwarka community and led to calls for justice from high levels of government. In response, a filing has been made by authorities under IPC Section 429. This law allows for up to five years of imprisonment for the killing or maiming of an animal.

These young animals were killed in a violent, deliberate, and torturous manner that likely made the last few moments of their short lives agony. If any case demands the most severe penalty, this horrible incident surely meets the criteria. Please ensure vigorous prosecution when an arrest is made.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Beta Xalfa


  1. Not surprising this happened in New Delhi. Dogs are raped by humans on the streets there. Its disgusting and evil. India needs animal welfare laws now!

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      Actually animal welfare laws are not any better in the USA or Canada or any country. No country is immune to animal cruelty and abuse. Be it pets, farmed animals in factory farms that millions who eat meat turn a blind eye to the horrible conditions and cruelty they endure is just disgusting. I can only hope something worse that Covid starts killing off some of our worthless overpopulation staring with those who abuse, torture, kill any animal and those who eat meat and don’t give a shit about those animals and the abuse they endure. Our population needs a great reduction.

      • Quite agree with all you have written. What a terrible world we have created.

      • Samantha Haak says:


      • Joyce O'Malley says:

        Yep!! You are right!!

      • I’m sure that you ate meat most of your life or that your parents and grandparents etc did. Aren’t you just a glorious human for wishing death upon yourself and all your ancestors.
        Animal abusers need to be stopped. Better law’s to protect them need to be put in place.
        Even Jesus ate meat. Are you condemning him too?

      • You’re right about farm animals, factory farm animals,cruel scientific experiments, as well as abuse from some veterinarians & animal shelters are definitely out of control in the US. Sadly, many dogs, cats, as well as small pets are trapped in a hellish existence with daily abuse. However, many countries such as India, China, Indonesia (just to mention a few) publically hang dogs alive & use blow torches on them, cook them alive, beat them to death with heavy sticks, skin them alive, & so much more. All in front of children & passerbys. That behavior isn’t “the norm” here as it is there. I’m not saying I know for sure those things NEVER happen in the US, but it’s definitely not a common occurrence as it is in other countries.

    • How absolutely appalling. These men need to be castrated if their privates bother them.

      Whoever hurts innocent creatures – eye for an eye.

  2. Mike Castoldi says:

    Find who’s responsible and hang them eye for an eye KARMA!!! RIP sweet puppies 🐾🐾🐾

  3. Make them responsible for what they did to those poor puppies

  4. Ruth Tekell says:

    The criminals who do this sort of thing also mistreat, abuse, and murder children and women. AND they do not emerge out of good homes and communities. This is what the world produces now–cruelty. So many populations are like this. Africa, the middle east, South America, and the United States have the worst problems with senseless cruelty and violence. So clearly race has nothing to do with it.

    There is a huge divide among humans now. About half seem to have no capacity for empathy. And it’s not totally about culture and community. There’s also a genetic component. Those lacking empathy seem to believe they are somehow invincible and will be survivors. What kind of sick world would that be?

  5. Melinda+Maddox says:

    No matter what country this is a sickening act by a very mentally disturbed person

  6. Disgusting and Appalling. This was planned because I doubt this POS walks around with rope. Not a spur of the moment decision. Nothing like telling yourself. “I’m going to go and kill puppies today.” What a sick puke. Waste of air.

  7. Why are humans such lowlife assholes?

  8. Rose Coffey says:

    How sick can someone be to do this to innocent puppies? I hope this creep ends up in a mental institution where they belong. RIP innocent puppy souls; you did not deserve this. I wish someone would see someone doing something like this and prevent it by beating that creep up before they can finish it.

  9. When you find this asshole, hang him from the highest tree. Justice done. How, how, how do people do this?

  10. The Pos that did this must be Hunted down 🎯


  12. Nadine brundage says:

    Whoever committed this horrific cruelty needs to be found and left to rot on that same tree in the same way he left those innocent pups. I have no sympathy for the sicko , that piece of shit needs to go.

  13. Do all to find the evil subhumans and hang them like they did the pups since there is no use for souless evil subhumans in out society!

  14. It is horrifically unbearable to read these atrocious every day. Inhumane acts are increasing every day. Here in the USA we have options to keep bugging congress people, sign petitions, and get involved with rescue organizations. Whoever did this must be found & severely punished.

  15. I strongly agree that those monsters who hung those poor puppies needs to be hung! Our whole world needs strong animal cruelty laws. That boy (monster) who threw a poor neighborhood cat out of a 22nd floor window deserves to be thrown out that same window! He does not deserve a second chance at life and I stated this when signing that petition.

    These petitions I sign are so disturbing.

    As a cat mom, I would love to take all of these hateful monsters off the earth! Then our helpless fur babies could be safe.

  16. These so-called humans sure have a real problem that must be dealt with!

    They surely must live somewhere and someone must know these piece of shit bastards.
    Just a shame that all who message this site cannot get together and teach the bastards a lesson that they will never forget. It is the only thing these demented sick fuckers understand.
    Bollox to the useless waste of space laws. The bastards would just be let off with a caution. And to these fucking half awake Judges, animals and their rights do not matter.
    The only thing to stop this right now is what was called some years ago ‘Mob Law’ to sort these arrogant shitbags once and for all!
    Death to all of these bastard animal abusers and torturers. A serious message needs to be given for any of these scum to see what happens when the mob strikes!
    And to mention, I am certainly NOT ALL TALK.
    If at all possible I would be at the front of the mob to deal the first crack!
    This has soon got to happen to stop these bastards once and for all.
    Let the mob rule and fuck the law. They will not do anything so we really must.

  17. That petition about the cat was in Singapore, China

    I live in the United States and agree our country and all others need to protect fur babies and try to be prevent these horrible tragedies.

  18. May all those who abuse, torture or neglect animals suffer a slow horrible painful death before they rot in hell !

  19. This is a global sin because way too humans across the globe; regardless of it being 2023, are pure evil; period.

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