Horses Found Dead in Field With Puncture Wounds Deserve Justice

Target: Morrow County Sheriff, John L. Hinton
Goal: Find and capture the person(s) responsible for attacking and killing two horses.

One horse was found dead in a field and another was found writhing in pain. Both horses had puncture wounds above their right eyes. When the owner of the farm in North Bloomfield Township, Ohio, discovered his horses in this condition, he notified authorities. Unfortunately, the injured horse was deemed mortally injured and was euthanized.

The Morrow County Sheriff’s Office believes the animals were intentionally targeted for attack. However, authorities have not yet released any additional information regarding clues or leads in this case.

When it comes to attacks on animals, horses tend to be exceptionally vulnerable, since they often live in barns that are not attached to their owners’ homes. Because of this, intruders can have an easier time executing a secret attack. As a result, authorities must devote more resources to investigating and prosecuting these types of crimes.


Dear Sheriff Hinton,

Two horses are dead, likely from an attack by a person or persons. One of the horses was found dead in a field and another was found writhing in pain, and had to be euthanized. Both horses had puncture wounds above their right eyes.

What is often unapparent to authorities is that horses tend to be exceptionally vulnerable to attacks by humans. This is because they often live in barns that are not attached to their owners’ homes. As a result, intruders can have an easier time executing an attack. Because of this, authorities must devote more resources to investigating and prosecuting these types of crimes, which we kindly ask you to do.

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Photo credit: Morrow County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Heather lloyd says:

    Wow those who did this should be prosicuted. Those poor horses very sad.they are beautiful smart animals.

  2. Patricia Scribner says:

    I grew up in morrow county I had horses and I was in 4H .This is a total outrage. I hope whoever did this is caught and they get what they deserve and then heart goes out to the owner of the horses

    • Julia Edinger says:

      Special ALERT! on News Channels also Reward for who knows the “evil demon” that committed such horrible pain an suffering ,,,,murderer MUST be found!!!

  3. We all know they WON’T get what they deserve … that is unless a right thinking member of the public gets hold of them first.

  4. Chris Starkey says:

    Those who did this should have the same thing done to them.

    • I totally agree with you. Seriously, what did these poor horses do to these individuals who wanted to attack them? Not a thing! They came on private property and tormented these lone horses and tortured them. The individual or individuals should be held accountable for their actions.

  5. No one has the authority to go on the property of another or to harm animals in any way. This was a crime meant to harm, torture and kill. Resources are needed to find and capture these individuals, or person, as this type of crime invites more harm to other animals, children, and women. Abusers are people wanting to torture! If accountable they need to face the full spectrum of the law. What we need to do is make tougher laws and not allow judges to slap a wrist as a way of paying for punishment which is not executed. Animal felonies need to be upheld in EVERY STATE in the country. No escape for these monstrous actions!

    • Agree totally… praying for the poor horses,and the family asss well. We all know they are one ….God bless you all…

    • Agree, this crime was pure harm & torture and the abuser(s) need to be held fully accountable! It’s still not enough, but this cruelty can’t go unpunished! They need to face their crimes against these poor innocent horses.

  6. It takes a cold hearted person to purposely injure or kill an innocent animal. They do not deserve to be out in the population !!!

  7. Oh lord catch these guys, jail them for 20 years, terrible human beings…

    • Robert Brossard says:

      If I’d find them, they’d be dead on the spot!
      No mercy for those ill-born son of a gun cowards!

    • Uncommonsensesc says:

      Jail? Oh, no – that isn’t justice for these poor horses! A slow, painful death is justice and I’d love to see that! Jail is not a deterrent for anything – never has been and never will be.

  8. I wish they would send the guilty party my way. I promise they would never raise a hand to any animal or person child ect.

  9. There are sick sadists on the loose and ita a ahame we have to petition law enforcement to do their job and finding these killers.
    Of these were my horses i would stop at nothing to make aure the subhumans were found and dealt with!
    Find these scum asap!

  10. Julie Vukovic says:

    These beautiful babies didn’t deserve to die this way. No animal does. I can only wish the same fate for the person who did this, although they will likely pay no consequence because there never seems to be justice for these types of criminals.

  11. When you find the pos or pos’s that did this, make them pay for everything to date them stab them above the eyes and throw them in the woods. Subhumans who do stuff like this to innocent animals don’t deserve to live.

  12. eleanor dunkavich says:

    I hope they get the scum that did this

  13. I’ll join ya!

  14. Please find & punish the evil that abused these horses!

  15. Marilynn Reeves says:

    This definitely should be a felony offense, it is in Texas.

  16. Dear sweet horses my favorite animal I grew up with. I hope who every done this horrible thing is caught and put in prison for a long,long time. And people that eat horse meat,,,,,well you deserve every illness eating this food can bring.

  17. DEATH PENALTY for ALL animal-torturers and animal-abusers. No animal shall be sadistically abused by dehumanized and desensitized psychopathic human scumbags. ALL animal-abusing sadists must be EUTHANIZED to set an example. DEATH PENALTY is the only adequate punishment for this hellish psycho!

    • Uncommonsensesc says:

      If our states don’t have the backbone to give true justice for these animal torturers and killers, I’d gladly donate my time and ammo to help with their sentences.

  18. Maria Lavorato says:

    Murder is murder and should be treated as such!

    …otherwise you have a society full of crime seeking psychos ….that just keep acting out!!!!!

    Do your job judges!

  19. As a whole MAN does not deserve the beauty of this planet. Superior beings; BS.

  20. Someone knows who did this—time for locals to exercise their own justice

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