Find Assailant Who Viciously Killed and Skinned Dog

Target: James Fry, Chief of Moscow Police Department

Goal: Keep investigation of dog’s violent death and skinning open.

Buddy—a mini Australian shepherd—was discovered with his neck slashed. The fatal tragedy did not end with the dog’s death, however. Buddy had also been filleted and skinned across nearly his entire body. According to the heartbroken pet parent of Buddy, the 12-year-old canine had been killed in a manner consistent with a human hunter.

Authorities eventually ruled out a link between Buddy’s brutal assault and the slayings of the University of Idaho students nearby, who were also killed via a knife. But this case of unimaginable cruelty cannot and should not be forgotten. Sign the petition below to urge authorities to remain vigilant in pursuing this clear and present danger as well.


Dear Chief Fry,

The murders of four students are rightfully at the center of current investigative efforts, but please do not let another incident of horrific violence—the killing and skinning of pet dog Buddy—slip through the cracks. While the public does not know how you determined the two incidents were unrelated, your conclusions should be believed. Yet the unknown animal cruelty attacker still poses a dangerous threat.

You are likely aware that some of the most sadistic killers see the torture and murder of animals as a stepping-stone. These disturbed individuals must be stopped before they escalate and before they take more innocent lives, animal or human. Prevent another menace from roaming the streets by keeping Buddy’s case as a top investigative priority.


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Photo Credit: Luca Finardi


  1. Instigation of the death penalty is essential globally for all animal abusing cretins.

  2. Really hard to believe that this wasn’t related to the killing of the students since it happened in a very small town, close in proximity and of equal barbaric nature with same kind of weapon. The public should be given the reasons why police don’t believe it was related. How many sadistic killers of animals and humans are wandering around a small town like Moscow? Unreal.

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