Don’t Fund Nuclear Power Plant That Will Kill Marine Ecosystem

Target: Jacob Rees-Mogg, Secretary of State of Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Goal: Revoke support and funding for proposed nuclear facility that poses grave danger to marine ecosystems and coastal community.

As one of his final acts as the United Kingdom (UK) prime minister, Boris Johnson greenlit a controversial project that could have an enormously detrimental environmental impact. The proposed Sizewell C nuclear power plant would contain two reactors and be built close to another nuclear facility in Suffolk. While advocates claim it will provide power for millions, critics worry the potentially cataclysmic consequences to both wildlife and humans are not worth the risk.

The cooling systems of the plant alone may lead to the deaths of half a billion fish. The cascading effect on the entire marine ecosystem would be even worse, as countless sea birds, crustaceans, and other animals –many of whom are supposed to be protected species—are sacrificed as well. Worse yet, this region rests in a low-lying area that will be very vulnerable to rising sea levels. If climate patterns continue on their current trajectory, flood waters could create an even more urgent and far-reaching environmental disaster.

While the project has been approved, critical funding decisions made in the coming months will largely dictate its ultimate future. Sign the petition below to urge supporters not to tempt fate and underwrite destruction on a possibly unimaginable scale.


Dear Mr. Rees-Mogg,

Backers of the proposed Sizewell C nuclear facility have called its potential environmental impacts “insignificant.” Would you characterize the death of 500 million fish (crucial for both ecosystems and economies), the existential threat to endangered species, or the potential for a Chernobyl-style nuclear catastrophe insignificant? These are the very real risks posed by this plant…risks so concerning that the Planning Inspectorate advised against further development in this flood-prone region.

The costs are far too great and do not outweigh any perceived benefits. It’s not too late. Please do not provide funding and support to this dangerous project. Don’t pour fuel on a fire that may race out of control.


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Photo Credit: Ivor Branton

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