Woman Accused of Posing as Vet to Harm Helpless Animals Must be Punished

Target: Glenn R. Funk, District Attorney General of Nashville, TN

Goal: Seek maximum penalty in case of woman who allegedly unlawfully practiced veterinary medicine and harmed animals.

A woman named Kelley Gambill has been arrested on animal cruelty charges in Tennessee. While few details have been released, the available information indicates that multiple troubling incidents may have occurred in relation to Gambill’s treatment of animals. She faces charges of aggravated animal cruelty, practicing medicine without a license, and possession of a controlled substance.

Tennessee’s related animal cruelty statute states no individual shall “kill, maim, torture, crush, burn, drown, suffocate, mutilate, starve, or otherwise cause serious physical injury, a substantial risk of death, or death to a companion animal.” Gambill is accused of violating this statute at least once. More troubling still, she is also charged with acting as a veterinarian even though she is unlicensed. If this allegation is true, the woman’s capacity to harm animals may have been immeasurable.

Sign the petition below to demand she face full consequences for these reported crimes if she is found guilty.


Dear District Attorney General Funk,

If a person attempted to perform medical procedures on unsuspecting patients without obtaining the necessary credentials, that person would likely be facing unrelenting legal action. The harm done in such a scenario would be irreparable for many victims. A Nashville woman is accused of just this nightmare crime. Although she is charged with posing as a veterinarian and her alleged victims are animals, the gravity of these accused offenses should be no less.

At least one of Kelley Gambill’s actions have reportedly led to aggravated animal cruelty charges, indicating that she may have done the worst kind of harm. Please send a clear message that such egregious behavior will not be tolerated. Prosecute this woman to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko 


  1. The dog died because of her. This is murder and should be punished as such, no less!

  2. Lock her Skanky ass in jail. No telling how many pets/animals she put in danger.

  3. Put a chain around her neck and secure it to a dog house where she should spend the next five years. Out in the cold and out in the heat, she might learn how a lot of dogs spend their lives. Let her do five years on a dog chain and maybe she would change her ways on how to treat dogs.

    • Mary-Frances says:

      Oh how I agree with you. She deserves the most merciless cruelty. People like this human piece of trash deserve to receive the same cruelty, actually it should be even worse, and suffer immensely. That’s the only appropriate punishment. Thank you.

  4. This vile animal abusing, mentally deranged bitch must be put to death! A slow and agonizing extermination is essential for this bitch!!

  5. American Girl says:

    Prosecute this inbred idiot to the maximum allowed!

  6. Jack Stanley says:

    How do you know she did anything doesn’t say exactly what she did and on the police report it’s not aggravated animal cruelty it’s just animal cruelty. What if she was trying to help a animal that should explain the practicing with out license and if you do a bit more research she is a nurse so she might have been trying to help an animal with like emergency surgery.

    • Sad judging before knowing details she is innocent she was trying to save animal tku for your words cause I know her and she loves animals

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